Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year...

Athol Bay off Taronga Zoo was a huge success for us. The fireworks were spectacular and the weather was perfect. We had my mum to stay with us for the two nights we were there, and we all had a lovely time. Even the rumours we had heard of boating/anchoring chaos did not eventuate. We had one small, expensive party boat turn up right next to us at the eleventh hour...but they had a private skipper aboard, and his pristine, creamy white Riviera was worth waaaaaaay more than Lucey believe me, he went to great lengths (bow thrusters are a remarkable invention) to make sure he didn't touch us....not even a NYE kiss!

The kids loved the 9pm fireworks...but try as we might, there was no waking them for the midnight ones (heck even I had trouble getting up after my little nana nap ;-). Emily actually managed to walk out into the cockpit (wrapped in a blanket - it was FREEZING) with a bit of help from dad, but at some point just before the midnight fireworks started, she got up and wandered back inside, and put herself to bed. I doubt she was ever actually awake (she has no recollection of the event)!

On New Year's Day, we waited until everybody around us had departed (thereby ensuring that our anchor was not terminally joined to anyone else's when we pulled it up) and motored around to Chinaman's Beach where Nick and the kids went for a swim. Mum and I watched from the sidelines...and I got in a few more ripply rows too...

Today we are going to stock up on some more fresh food, and maybe go anchor in Quarantine Bay near North Head (so that Nick and the kids can go swimming again). They have discovered that those large grey noodley fenders I mentioned in yesterday's post are a LOT of fun to play with in the water

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Tracey said...

After reading your last post I was thinking of you as I watched the Sydney firewoks on last night's news. What a fantastic show! Lucky you for having prime viewing:-) All the best for 2012!