Friday, 6 January 2012

Another quick hooky update...

I have been trying to get in as much quiet, colourful, ripply, hooky down-time as I can right now because we depart Lucey Blue and head back to Canberra next weekend (after 8 wonderful months afloat), and after that it'll be all action stations as we unpack and return to land-life, work, school and housework (i.e. real life!!)....and my craft desk...hooray!

I have almost completed one cycle of all my ripply colours...that's my first major milestone, and I am very excited to see this much progress so quickly. Crochet does grow very is great for those with a short attention span (like me ;-).

You might have noticed the sunshine in the photo background (or maybe's not that obvious now that I look at it here), and if you live in Sydney you'll know this photo was not taken today (which is cold, grey, overcast and windy....dismal is a good descriptive word. I even have sheepskin slippers on...IN SUMMER, at MIDDAY!!!!). This photo was taken yesterday afternoon as we bobbed quietly in Bantry Bay, Middle Harbour.

Aaaaaaany way, I just took a chocolate cake out of the oven...we were trying to warm the boat up and make it smell tasty (mission accomplished), and now it needs to be iced and decorated (the cake, not the boat) and someone has to suffer through that I'm going to be brave and volunteer...the things we do eh?

Have a great afternoon,

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Melissa said...

Wow, your crocheting is coming along really nicely and quickly since your last post, glad you are enjoying it, enjoy your last few days on board, it goes so quickly doesn't it?
Have fun hope your cake was delish!!!