Thursday, 1 July 2010

Beautiful, Sunny Purples and Blues...

I know it has been vewy, vewy quiet in here of late. My creative mojo took all of my energy on a surprise vacation...YEAH, but they left me here...BOO! They are currently sunning it up on the island of Barbuda, with Strawberry Mojitos in hand. Lucky things...

I did recently manage to make a little something though...another pretty suncatcher. This one for my Mum's birthday. I used another simply gorgeous set of Ethnic Bells created by Sari of Gaialai on Etsy:

 (Photograph by Sari, of Gaialai on Etsy).

I don't mind telling you I nearly couldn't bear to part with this set. I love, LOVE how the blue, purple and metallic glasses go together! Blues and purples have to be my favourite colours in the world.

Anyhoo...after much gnashing of teeth this morning, I finally managed to get a couple of shots of my suncatcher. I don't mind telling you they are very trisksy to capture on film (or digital card, or whatever you use):

The lampwork beads are interspersed with large Swarovski Cosmic Beads in Crystal. These are the things that catch the light and send little spots of rainbow colour dancing on your walls when the sun hits them. My kids love them.

That's all from me. Hope you are having a lovely day!

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