Saturday, 5 March 2011

Thanks for your 'Shaun the Sheep' comment Jo!

 A big thanks go to Jo, whose comment on my last muddy, mutant-mouthed Suffolk sheep-pig post helped me sort out a more appropriate looking face for my poor old Suffolk sheep! Thank also for the other sweet comments on my mutant sheep (I think you were just being nice though ;-).

I knew while I was making her that she reminded me of something (dim stirrings were happening in the numbed recesses of my pickled brain) but I couldn't remember what! That's where Jo stepped in with her 'Shaun the Sheep' comment...DOH! Of course, what rock have I been hiding under?

I went and checked out the Shaun the Sheep site, and she does look like an oversized Timmy:
...or Shirley...the big fat one:
(Both images above from the Shaun the Sheep website).

So I remade the card, and here she is....much better looking IMO:

Instead of using PTI Dark Chocolate felt and the Cupcake Collection icing die as her head, I have used the SU Two-Step Owl punch and Chocolate Chip cardstock, and two black brads for her nose. I think that she looks much more Suffolk sheep like (well apart from being brown and not black that is)!

Now I can finish making my 'Thank ewe!' cards and be happy that the recipients won't be puzzling over exactly what the creature is adorning the front of their card :o).

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jaki said...

oh she is perfect now!!
Amazing what that owl punch can be used versatile :)

Debbie Pamment said...

Oh this is toooo cute - the previous one was too but I agree this one is better!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

I love it! It's sooo adorable! We are BIG Shaun the Sheep fans - have all the DVD's - and they are so funny!

Jo said...

OMG, this is so perfect. When I showed Harry the first one, he picked it straight away too! I'll have to show him this one in the morning.

Unknown said...

oh this is far too cute, Gotta love Timmy, and you have done a fantastic job of him, (or her lol), well done :)

Paula Dobson said...

I lke both of them too, but the Owl punch and Brads are a great touch!

susy said...

Love it, gorgeous, although the muddy mutant-mouthed suffolk sheep-pig did have character,lol. Will have to ask DH what breed he thinks it is (he is a stockie and spends his life working with livestock ;-)

diamond engagement rings said...

That is so cute, and I am sure, that my son would love it on his birthdays. I am thinking of pasting the real cotton in the white area, lets see what will be the effect, but thanks for giving me such a great concept

Liam said...

This is adorable. My son use to love timmy. He had a timmy keyring that he received free from the ABC store because we bought a video and he carried that everywhere. This card reminds me of that time. Just love how you used the brads. Congrats on your new little bub. Just gorgeous. Shame you had to miss the Wedding. What a shame but totally understand your concern. Hope the family time is getting back to normality. take care


PQQ said...

aww, thats so cute, I just love the round , white tummy of the sheep on the card. I always learn impressive and unique things from your blog. Such a lovely work

Oktri said...

nice pic, i like it. hey, check this shaun the sheep valentine. you can use it for your facebook cover :)