Monday, 30 January 2012

Clownfish Punch Art...

...or maybe you know them as Anenomefish, or to some they may be more familiar as Nemo! We saw heaps of these little fellas on the Great Barrier Reef. Lots of different types too...some bright orange, some dark, some with black, some without, some with two stripes, some with one. They all had one thing in common though...they move really quickly, and are very hard to get a nice clear picture of!

We tried, oh how we tried! We have numerous shots of bits of them, and many, many more shots where they are just a blurry blob. I should have just bought a postcard and scanned it in, it would have served me better! Anyway, here are a few pics where the fish is at least semi-recognisable (even if you can only see part of them!)...

...and here is my first attempt to recreate them using punch art. At least now he is much easier to photograph!!

...all done with SU punches. I had a ball making this one. I think you may see more of him in the future. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.

Got plenty of great anenome shots if nothing else ;-)!

Hope you had a lovely weekend,

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Turtle Punch Art...

Thumper has an important birthday coming up soon so I've been trying to get myself organised in advance...such a cool concept that, being organised in advance...wonder who thought of it?

Anyway, I started thinking about turtle punch art while we were out and about on Lucey Blue, but I couldn't try it out because I didn't take any punches with me (what was I thinking?...thing is, we already had two hefty anchors onboard..16 or 17 would have been way overkill! ;-).

We saw a lot of beautiful turtles on our travels, and their simple shape kind of lends itself to punch art nicely I think...

So late yesterday I had a play and managed to make a little card that I am very happy with...

All the punches I have used are SU. I can list them for you, if anyone wants to know. I think you can probably see that I've coated the turtle shells in Crystal Effects (not all turtle shells are clean and shiny though...check out the moss in one of the pictures way above). The chipboard '1' is also coated in Crystal Effects. Now...quick question for you...what do you think the cluster of things at bottom left of the main panel is supposed to be? A quick poll here at home resulted in the answer 'flowers'!?!...and these were the people I'd been diving on the Great Barrier Reef with for the past eight months! So, just in case you were left wondering, it is supposed to be a coral know, the sort of thing a turtle hangs out near ;-).

 ...and a few more turtle shots before I go...because I feel like it.

Hope all my fellow Aussies had a very happy Australia Day. Gonna go stand with hubby in the rain now, listen to Triple J Hottest 100 and help BBQ some lamb. Yummy!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Thumper is asleep, and the other two are busy turning the lounge-room into some kind of tent-city. I have just agreed to sacrifice most of my roll of kitchen string for their washing 'lion' (as Mr 5 calls them)...which, now that it is tied between the tent and the bannister, poses a serious threat to my ability to leave the lounge-room. It even has undies pegged to it!!

So while I'm trapped on the couch (life is HARD ;-) I'll show you some little earrings I recently made as a gift.

The glass lampwork kissy-lip fish are from Etsy (send me a message if you want to know more). Aren't they cute? I won't go on and on about cute fish though because apparently not all of my readers are overly fond of fish. Who'd-a-thunk it? I like fish a lot.....and I still think this giant Maori Wrasse below is particularly stunning ;-p...

We went swimming with him (and a huge school of his much smaller friends) in Manta Ray Bay, on the northern side of Hook Island in the Whitsundays. WOW....I loved it.

But I've completely digressed. Sorry. The rest of the earrings are sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. I am not sure that the recipient will wear them (they could be a tad heavy), but she collects ocean-themed things, so they are appropriate anyway, I hope.

Gonna go try and crawl my way through tent city and into the kitchen now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crochet and Colds...

I have managed to pick up one unpleasant 'welcome home' present on my return to the ACT...a cold! Today I have been feeling especially sorry for myself and now the couch is my friend (at least I have the tennis and my crochet to keep me amused). Thank goodness hubby has been around to entertain the kids.

The crochet is still coming along nicely. Here are a few pics to show you where I'm at...

I love the colours so much. They make me feel happy. For the third and fourth cycles I am going to mirror the colours, then return to the original pattern for the fifth and sixth then mirror again for the seventh and eighth...well, that's the plan for now at any rate ;-).

Gonna go take my tissues and Panadol to bed now! Seeya...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Leaving the leaves until last...

In yesterday's post I mentioned at the end that I thought leaves on the tree might be appropriate. Well, I took a few minutes to have a fiddle this morning, and I think leaves are just what it needed! Being that it is a tree, this should not have been as big a light-bulb moment for me as it was (derrrrrrrrrrrrr)!

Those leaves were tricksy little blighters to stick on, I can tell you! I have managed to get little mangled bits of dimensionals underneath them. Who knows how long they'll stay there though. Note to self: Don't leave card outside in a breeze ;-).

So what do you think? Better?

Have a great weekend,

Friday, 20 January 2012

JAI #101 - Sketch Challenge

Thank goodness for sites like Just Add Ink, and their droves of inspirational design team members to get the poor old mojo-less hordes craftin' and creatin'.

This week's JAI challenge #101 is a Sketch Challenge, and being a nice layered and symmetrical one, it suited me perfectly. Thanks JAI!

I had plenty of sticky fingered help with this creation, but you prolly can't tell that from here (lucky you). Suffice to say, if you cut out a few extra die cuts while you're at it, your busy little almost-one year old helper will have a jolly ol' time eating those while you quickly adhere the rest of your battered creation back together again ;-). Lucky I was using SU's specialty, cover-weight, designer series must have some nutritional value right??

I have added crystal effects all over the tree trunk, but I have great difficulty proving that to you here. The rub-on is one of SU's 'melts-like-butter-onto-the page' rub-ons...from the chit chat set I think.

The little silver butterflies would not have been my first choice embellishments. What I'd really have liked to have used was some of Papertrey Ink's Little Bitty Bird die-cuts. However, I don't have that die, and I am having something of a Papertrey Ink tantrum right now. I am still waiting for the anniversary set that I earned in 2010/11. I have been communicating with them since last October about this, and now they just completely ignore me. My last three (very polite) communications have gone unanswered (after having received their email I know they received my message), and still no anniversary set. Maybe their customer service team are still on Christmas holidays, who knows? My credit card says I should be thanking them for ignoring is feeling all light and unburdened right now...but I'm still feeling pretty miffed at their lack of courtesy (a simple explanation as to why they felt I shouldn't have the set that I earned following their guidelines would suffice). I hope to get over it sooner or later. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest though.

Best go make the most of the rest of Thumper's afternoon rest time. Might manage to squeeze in another row of crochet...or maybe clean the kitchen sink (Hhhhhhmmmmmm...decisions, decisions... which would you do?).

ETA 1: I think I might go and add a few leaves to this tree tomorrow. It looks like it needs a little something more!

ETA 2: Check out the result here....

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fit for a Crown-toting Princess?

This week Just Add Ink celebrated their 100th 'birthday' with a challenge that was totally befitting of a centenarian...JAI #100 - Just Add Crowns...

I needed to make a special thank you card for the friend who house-sat for us while we were off singing sea shanties and walking the I decided I'd try and adopt the crown theme and take part in the celebrations too. Easier said than done!! I finally managed to come up with something that didn't seem too daft (well not to me at any can set me straight if you feel the need ;-)...

You are probably wondering what on earth this card has to do with thanking a house sitter?! Inside I have written....'for looking after our home, like it was your castle!' I thought that fit the bill nicely. What do you reckon?

The 'rub-on' Thanks sentiment is one of my non-SU ones which would be more aptly described as a 'scrub really, really hard for 20 minutes-on' than a 'rub-on'. If you look carefully in the vicinity of the 'N' you can see some of my scour marks where I scrubbed over and over again in an attempt to get all of the darn thing off the transfer sheet and onto the card.....Gggggrrrrrrrr!

And of course, what princess would be complete without a spot of glitter? Unfortunately the crystal effects, which hadn't been opened in at least eight months, kind of blobbed out when I tried to use I ended up accidently obliterating the little heart on the it is just one huge hulking diamond instead ;-).

Some may also find the colours a bit in your face. No excuses there. I started with a royal purple (of course) and kind of went a bit crazy from there on in!

To top off my woes with this creation, when I looked at it the following morning all the ruffled purple ribbon had lifted up off the card, and was a big unsightly mess that even glue dots couldn't fix. My sewing machine is still aboard Lucey Blue so I had nothing to stitch that wayward ruffly ribbon back down with I ended up prising off half the card front and remaking the purple strip...sans ribbon.

Bix, if you're reading are totally worth the effort :-).

Have a good one crafty folk, and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 13 January 2012

A Card Cuddle and Goodbye...

I have a 'Thinking of You' card to pop up here today. I made it recently for a special friend, one who I thought could use a little card cuddle!
I have used the reverse applique technique again here. I do love how it looks. The rest was very straightforward...and done in one of my favourite colour combos, light blue, purple and white (aka Baja Breeze, Vintage Violet and Whisper White [methinks]). Apparently this combo is also a hit with one of my favourite little crafting companions...who made a little card for her distance education teacher too!
Today was also a bit of a milestone for all of us...our last day on Lucey Blue (for now ;-). Thanks for taking care of us LB, you did a great job!

So, my next post will be written up on terra firma...a fact which is both exciting and sad to me at the same time. At least I will have all my crafting goodies (and my desk) back at my disposal!!

Have a great weekend,