Friday, 20 January 2012

JAI #101 - Sketch Challenge

Thank goodness for sites like Just Add Ink, and their droves of inspirational design team members to get the poor old mojo-less hordes craftin' and creatin'.

This week's JAI challenge #101 is a Sketch Challenge, and being a nice layered and symmetrical one, it suited me perfectly. Thanks JAI!

I had plenty of sticky fingered help with this creation, but you prolly can't tell that from here (lucky you). Suffice to say, if you cut out a few extra die cuts while you're at it, your busy little almost-one year old helper will have a jolly ol' time eating those while you quickly adhere the rest of your battered creation back together again ;-). Lucky I was using SU's specialty, cover-weight, designer series must have some nutritional value right??

I have added crystal effects all over the tree trunk, but I have great difficulty proving that to you here. The rub-on is one of SU's 'melts-like-butter-onto-the page' rub-ons...from the chit chat set I think.

The little silver butterflies would not have been my first choice embellishments. What I'd really have liked to have used was some of Papertrey Ink's Little Bitty Bird die-cuts. However, I don't have that die, and I am having something of a Papertrey Ink tantrum right now. I am still waiting for the anniversary set that I earned in 2010/11. I have been communicating with them since last October about this, and now they just completely ignore me. My last three (very polite) communications have gone unanswered (after having received their email I know they received my message), and still no anniversary set. Maybe their customer service team are still on Christmas holidays, who knows? My credit card says I should be thanking them for ignoring is feeling all light and unburdened right now...but I'm still feeling pretty miffed at their lack of courtesy (a simple explanation as to why they felt I shouldn't have the set that I earned following their guidelines would suffice). I hope to get over it sooner or later. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest though.

Best go make the most of the rest of Thumper's afternoon rest time. Might manage to squeeze in another row of crochet...or maybe clean the kitchen sink (Hhhhhhmmmmmm...decisions, decisions... which would you do?).

ETA 1: I think I might go and add a few leaves to this tree tomorrow. It looks like it needs a little something more!

ETA 2: Check out the result here....


H2 :) said...

Go the crochet Sam, the sink can wait! What a sweet card. That die cut tree is so cute! Love your choice of papers - sounds like bub enjoyed them too. Hope you freebie arrives soon. :)

Karen said...

Sam my love...........go to the forum and make your problem known. As much as I just LOVE PTI products, their customer service sucks and I found the only way to get my issue solved was to be vocal on the forum message board thingy.
You aren't the only one being ígnored'going by what I'm reading on the forum!:)

Lurve your sweet little card too chicki!


Rachel Moore said...

love your card its very cute, hope you sort out everything with Papertrey Ink real soon....

Mae Collins said...

A great card Sam and I really like your little butterfly embelishments. Thanks for playing at JAI this week.

KimB said...

Just love it Sam! Both ways - with leaves and without. And you managed to keep Thumper entertained at the same time!! The PTI saga sounds so frustrating! Hope it gets sorted out - but sadly like Karen says you're not the only one.

Jodene said...

Your card is gorgeous Sam! I just adore those colours together.
Sorry to hear you are having problems with CS at PTI, but can't say I'm surprised after seeing what others have had to say on the same subject on the forums. It's very disappointing. If they don't want to actually give people anniversary sets then why offer them? It obviously seems too much trouble for them.