Saturday, 21 January 2012

Leaving the leaves until last...

In yesterday's post I mentioned at the end that I thought leaves on the tree might be appropriate. Well, I took a few minutes to have a fiddle this morning, and I think leaves are just what it needed! Being that it is a tree, this should not have been as big a light-bulb moment for me as it was (derrrrrrrrrrrrr)!

Those leaves were tricksy little blighters to stick on, I can tell you! I have managed to get little mangled bits of dimensionals underneath them. Who knows how long they'll stay there though. Note to self: Don't leave card outside in a breeze ;-).

So what do you think? Better?

Have a great weekend,

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Patrice said...

I think you're right, I love the addition of the leaves. Haha I know the fight with little mangled bits of dimensionals too well unfortunately.

Glad you're happier with your card - I just love the layers and still have a nice stash of that specialty paper myself.