Thursday, 26 January 2012

Turtle Punch Art...

Thumper has an important birthday coming up soon so I've been trying to get myself organised in advance...such a cool concept that, being organised in advance...wonder who thought of it?

Anyway, I started thinking about turtle punch art while we were out and about on Lucey Blue, but I couldn't try it out because I didn't take any punches with me (what was I thinking?...thing is, we already had two hefty anchors onboard..16 or 17 would have been way overkill! ;-).

We saw a lot of beautiful turtles on our travels, and their simple shape kind of lends itself to punch art nicely I think...

So late yesterday I had a play and managed to make a little card that I am very happy with...

All the punches I have used are SU. I can list them for you, if anyone wants to know. I think you can probably see that I've coated the turtle shells in Crystal Effects (not all turtle shells are clean and shiny though...check out the moss in one of the pictures way above). The chipboard '1' is also coated in Crystal Effects. Now...quick question for you...what do you think the cluster of things at bottom left of the main panel is supposed to be? A quick poll here at home resulted in the answer 'flowers'!?!...and these were the people I'd been diving on the Great Barrier Reef with for the past eight months! So, just in case you were left wondering, it is supposed to be a coral know, the sort of thing a turtle hangs out near ;-).

 ...and a few more turtle shots before I go...because I feel like it.

Hope all my fellow Aussies had a very happy Australia Day. Gonna go stand with hubby in the rain now, listen to Triple J Hottest 100 and help BBQ some lamb. Yummy!!


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Amazing punch art with beautiful accompanying photos. What an adventure you had and a big happy birthday soon to 'Thumper'.

lifesabeach32940 said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL card. WOW!! I would LOVE a list of punches that you used!!

Thanks for sharing!!


Sam said...

Hi Judy,

I've just sent you an email with a list of the SU punches I used for the turtle and coral.


Terstamper said...

Sooo cute! I also love your pictures, amazing.

Ter ;)

Melissa said...

Another fantastic punch art creation Sam, it is amazing, and so are those gorgeous photos, how quick does the time go, Thumper is going to be 1 already? Happy birthday to him if I don't get back here in time :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Wow, what a wonderful card!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Sam,

Obviously I have alot to catch up on - I stopped getting emails after you went on your trip that you were updating this blog and just assumed that your weren't doing any posting and only updating your other blog. Stopped by today and there are all these amazing creations that I have been missing out on - nuts :-( Wonder why I stopped getting emails - very odd......oh well, I shall enjoy looking at what you have been creating.... I haven't been doing much blog hopping over the school holidays - been learning how to scrapbook with my DD! So much fun to learn something new and do it together!


KimB said...

Oh Sam,
this is definitely a special card - love it to bits and bet Thumper did too. Fabulous job just like the cake!!
PS: I would have said coral not flowers!!

Diane Barnes said...

Oh Sam, another fab punch card. I hope the little man loved it!...& didn't try to eat it too. Hugs. D