Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hooky Happenings

Yup, still crocheting up a storm here, so thought I'd share a quick pic or two....
It was blowing a gale on Sydney Harbour today and I didn't fancy my lovely blankie taking a swim, so it was modelled by Miss 7 (above), who desperately needs a hair cut!
I am well and truly into the second cycle of colours now. I did a quick calculation, and decided I'd need more yarn than I'd ordered, so I quickly hopped online. I ordered through Deramores again. The first package, the one I ordered on December 26th...arrived in the ACT last week...just over a week after I ordered...amazing! I haven't seen the contents yet, but I'm sure it will be all kinds of woolly wonderful!! I was also heartily chuffed that they still had Sublime on yeah for Deramores...I'll definitely shop there again.

On another topic entirely...the very rocky beach in the background of these photos is called Washaway, and is on Dobroyd Head in Sydney Harbour, immediately opposite the Harbour mouth. We pulled up there this morning because the wind was from the west, and it is a very scenic and protected spot. As I was sitting on the bow and getting in a spot of crochet  (the smallest crew-member was getting in a few quick Zzzzzzs, and the older kids were absorbed in their epic Lego voyage to the moon) I began to notice the people on the beach, and a whole different meaning to the term 'scenic' began to dawn. We were anchored a fair distance offshore, but those shining, white buttocks were a dead giveaway, even at 100m. I quickly checked online, and apparently Washaway is not one of Sydney's three 'legal' naturist beaches...obviously someone had forgotten to mention this to the seven naturists I counted ashore (one article mentioned it once had been a nudie beach...and given its quiet, out-of-the-way locale, it's no wonder). Probably lucky for all, the swell precluded us landing ashore in the dinghy today...I had been trying to work out what I was going to say to the kids, and how funny a day it was going to turn out to be. I also did a quick double-check on the pics above, didn't want anyone copping an eyeful if they zoomed in to check out the stitches (or lack thereof ;-)!


Paula said...

I can't believe how fast this is growing Sam. I LOVE the colours you have chosen! Thanks also for thinking of us impressionable folk, but not showing any naked butts in the background, lol!!!!

Catherine said...

hahaha very funny, a very interesting lesson plan for the kidlets!!! Love your blanket, and the colours are just yummmmm!!

Patrice said...

Your blanket is growing so quickly. I wonder if you'll achieve that much craft time once you're back on dry land. Bit of a sad thought really, perhaps I should keep my mouth shut lol.

Looking fabulous!