Tuesday, 3 January 2012

There's something going on around here...

...but it isn't papercraft! I have done some beading though (well actually, I did it just over a month ago while we were stopped in Bundaberg...and then I promptly wrapped them up and put them away). Today I thought it might be time to break them out as I have been debating whether I might pop a few pieces up on Etsy and see how I go. I might also think about it a bit more though. No good rushing into these things is it?!

The lovely lampwork focal beads in the bracelet are by Terry Belcher of Silverfish Designs on etsy. I bought them over  a year ago, and can't for the life of me work out why I haven't used them before now. I love them so much...simply gorgeous colours! Sooooo...maybe they won't make it to Etsy after all ;-).

While I'm here...just another quick update on my crochet blankie. It really is coming along swimmingly right now...

I also had a chance to drool over someone else's beautiful crochet creation today...check out Ange's gorgeous blanket here. I can't wait to see more of her crochet projects online! I hope some more of my cyber crafting buddies might also pop up some pics of their crochet projects...hint, hint ;-). I for one thought I might use Ange's lovely colour combo on a card design, so I've tagged it for that.

Ok.....gonna go watch an episode of Stargate Universe with hubby. Can't believe it isn't going to go past two seasons. I like it lots!

Have a good one.


Ange Kelly said...

Hey Sam, the bracelet and earring are simply gorgeous! I love the colors on your rug too ... looking forward to seeing how it turns out. x Ange

Karen said...

Hi my lovely!

I SAY GO FOR GOLD with the etsy thing. I reckon you will sell heaps:)

Now, please tell me, what size crochet hook/needle thingy are you using for your blankie? I am so envious of what you're doing and I reallly wanna have a go! lol

Luv K