Wednesday, 25 January 2012

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Thumper is asleep, and the other two are busy turning the lounge-room into some kind of tent-city. I have just agreed to sacrifice most of my roll of kitchen string for their washing 'lion' (as Mr 5 calls them)...which, now that it is tied between the tent and the bannister, poses a serious threat to my ability to leave the lounge-room. It even has undies pegged to it!!

So while I'm trapped on the couch (life is HARD ;-) I'll show you some little earrings I recently made as a gift.

The glass lampwork kissy-lip fish are from Etsy (send me a message if you want to know more). Aren't they cute? I won't go on and on about cute fish though because apparently not all of my readers are overly fond of fish. Who'd-a-thunk it? I like fish a lot.....and I still think this giant Maori Wrasse below is particularly stunning ;-p...

We went swimming with him (and a huge school of his much smaller friends) in Manta Ray Bay, on the northern side of Hook Island in the Whitsundays. WOW....I loved it.

But I've completely digressed. Sorry. The rest of the earrings are sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. I am not sure that the recipient will wear them (they could be a tad heavy), but she collects ocean-themed things, so they are appropriate anyway, I hope.

Gonna go try and crawl my way through tent city and into the kitchen now. Wish me luck!


Bronwyn Eastley said...

These are super cute. I'd love a link to where you buy your amazing supply of beads from. It could be dangerous though.

Karen said...

Ohhhhhhh I LOVE THEM AND WANT SOME!! They are soooo cute Sam! lol

Oh and for the record - I LOVE fish too. I have 4 goldfish.......I wanna get 1 more so I can name them characters in the big bang theory! lol


Catherine said...

Ohhh these are so cute, would love the link for these, my little niece would love them too!!

Anonymous said...

ooooooOOooo please can you tell me where these fabulous fishy finds came from .... Hevz x

Sam said...

Hi Hevz....I have no way of contacting you. Please email me at and I will pass on the fish info.


Anonymous said...

I've emailed you Sam x
Hevz :-)