Saturday, 31 December 2011

Crochet and Fireworks

Just a quick pic to show you some of my crochet progress. It's coming along in ripples and rows!

I am enjoying myself with this project a great deal! Even more so with the amazing view from the back of the boat. Yesterday we dropped our mooring in peaceful Middle Harbour and motored out into the fray that is Sydney Harbour. We checked out Farm Cove, which still had heaps of space, but decided we'd enjoy the view a little further back. So we joined a multitude of other boats already anchored in Athol Bay off Taronga Zoo.

Those big sausage shaped doovers on the bow are fenders, that we think we might need on hand as they bay gets more and more packed with boats. Smaller boats are coming now and anchoring in between the larger boats. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the wind does not change again, and send us all careening into each other!

I have decorated Lucey Blue with some of our Australia Day flags, and lots of other boats have flags and banners and plenty of colour flying too. It is very exciting to be this close in. Bring on the fireworks!

Happy New Year everybody!!


Patrice said...

I can almost feel the excitement building as I read your post. You certainly have prime position for the fireworks tonight. Hope it doesn't get too crowded out there on the water. Enjoy, and happy new year!


KimB said...

The ripple pattern looks awesome Sam - as good as your view of the harbour. Life is very quiet here for us tonight as the little boyo and I brought colds home with us from Sydney. He is already in bed and it won't be long till I go too!Hopefully I won't be woken up before 2012 ;)
Looking forward to chatting soon!

Paula said...

Sam, I can remember mooring there too, a few years back now, to watch the New Years Eve fireworks myself! What an amazing site it was. I hope your night was an awesome one. Happy 2011 to you and your family.
P.S: Your blankie is coming along beautifully!