Sunday, 3 May 2009

Un dia muy magnifico!

What an absolutely magnificent day it has been in the Australian Capital Territory, and what a lovely way to finish off the Stampin' Up! annual convention experience!! Convention actually finshed last night, after the awards ceremony, but I'm guessing many people stayed the night and flew/drove/bussed/railed/walked?... out today.

This afternoon, we (hubby, the kids and I) all went for a little walk up the hill behind our house (it is a little hill off the side of Mount Taylor)...and I thought you might like to see a couple of the shots I took up there:

It is a pretty steep hill, I wasn't sure if the kids would make it...but they did...and then some!

What a simply stunning view from up here (we can even see our house in the foreground of this shot). The lake is Lake Tuggeranong, and the hills in the background are part of the Brindabella Ranges in the Namadgi National Park.

There were lots of Eastern Grey kangaroos up there, mostly mums and joeys, and the kids were trying to sneak up on them (yeah, right ;-).

This one had a joey in its pouch. We sat on the grass nearby and had a little picnic while watching them eating and going about their business.

I also wanted to show you a little silliness on my part (if a 'girl' can't be silly now and then...well, it'd be a sad place, wouldn't it?):

This is a simple little Artist Trading Card (ATC) that I took to convention to share with like-minded demos ;-). I might add that it wasn't too hard to find seven of them...hehehehehe. I got the photo of 'Edward' from Flickr....but on reading the comments there I discovered that it is actually Justin Timberlake's body, with Rob Pattinson's head very bizarre!

Ok...enough waffle from me.

See you later,


Angela Sargeant said...

I was one of the very few and extremely lucky ones to get one of these ATC's. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam! I love it! :)

Carol Dunstan said...

thanks again from me too Sam, the special Twilight swaps added another level of fun to convention for me this year :)

Gail Kirby said...

Nooo!!! Have you got any left?? I was looking for you all convention and didn't find you! Not for an Edward swap, didn't even know you had them, just to see you to say hello :-)

I have swaps left if you have got some - 5 cards for 1 ATC?? That's a bit of a reversal lol!

Take care


Pauline said...

Love your photos of the kangaroos!