Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Blue Beads and Snow

Howdy Doody!

I'm sitting here procrastinating while I should be preparing for an upcoming stamping class (its on Saturday, and I still have a few seats left if you are interested...we will be learning the Emerging Colour technique), but I digress.

I recently took a photo of another lampwork bead bracelet that I made a little while ago, and haven't got around to putting up on here it is:

The lampwork beads are made by Marie-Andree of Bleu Verre in Quebec, Canada, and are very lovely! This bracelet sparkles a lot :-)!!

While I was procrastinating I was browsing have the MOST amazing posters there. Check out this little beauty by Gordon Wiltsie (if you click on the photo it will take you to where you can see a close-up version of the poster):

Snow blows off of the Matterhorn above Zermatt by Gordon Wiltsie
The Matterhorn

Anyone for a wee walk? I have purchased from once before. I got a beautiful poster of the Olympic National Park in Washington State (no, there are no Cullens in it, but I have a fairly good imagination ;-).

Anyway, I should get back to my looks like a bomb has gone off over there, a big fat craft shop bomb...SIGH!

See you :-),


Zarna said...

Tell me about procrastination!!! I've been doing all sorts of stuff today to avoid what I really should be doing lol

I even cleaned the 100 million unopened bankstatements and pieces of paper off the buffet and hutch!

Karen said...

Hey Sam - Seriously these bracelets you make are just gorgeous! LOVE THEM!!


Debbie Pamment said...

You should start taking orders for your bracelets - they are always stunning!!!

Leigh said...

Oh stunning Sam! I love them.

Chat Noir said...

Hi Sam, another beautiful bracelet...when you start taking orders, let me know!! I love to make them too but I get stuck on black, white and silver.

I like the dangly bit near your catch. I'm inspired to stay up late and make something new.

Hope you had a great day.

Suzie said...

Love the braclets that you make, you are so creative.

Shy said...

You are so multi talented! This bracelet is beautiful!! I would love one! :) Saw Terminator (4) last night with hubby and I actually threw popcorn in the floor I jump so high. LOL It was a good action flick.