Saturday, 2 May 2009

SU AUS/NZ Convention 2010 will be in...

SYDNEY, from 21-22 May 2010! WooooHooooo.

...and the 2010 incentive trip will be held on Hamilton Island!

I've just returned home from the 2009 Convention Awards night...and what a lovely night it was. There were so many wonderful achievements made by so many wonderful people, too many to mention here...but I do want to say a special congrats to my friend Di, who made it to her sales goal and got to do a little stage march tonight.

They also announced where Regionals and Field Training would be occurring in the next year...I only really paid attention to those places that are close to me, so I can tell you that there will be full day Regionals held in Sydney and Melbourne, and a Field Training event in Canberra. I know there are Regionals and Field Training events in other cities...but I didn't catch all of them, sorry :-(.

Gonna try to go to sleep now...its been an exciting night!



Suzie said...

Sam..Know you have been nominated for various awards, I did nominate you for an award on my blog. Love reading about your adventures.

KimB said...

Hi Sam,

you're a trooper. Thanks for the update after such a big night. Chat soon.


Liam said...

How exciting it is going to be in Sydney next year. wow. That was exciting news. Glad you enjoyed convention. Sounds like so many exciting events coming up. thanks for sharing.