Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Little Love Notes

Just some more little fete goodies...

My apologies for the glare from the cello bag. I made them and bagged them up last night and forgot to photograph them first. Even if I'd remembered, it would have been a dodgy photo (my OTT globe died the other week, and I don't have a replacement - actually I did, but now I don't...its a long story, and one that involves considerable stupidity on my part, so lets not go there ;-).

Anyhoo...Love Notes. Two in each pack, plus their own little envelopes. Summer Picnic DSP and Blooms Die Cuts...both my favouritest things in the Stampin' Up! world right now. What more can I say?


1 comment:

sarah_j_k said...

Sam I have to agree about the die cuts and Summer Picnic! I LOVE them! Just pretty much finished off the last of an entire pack of the die cuts preparing for a workshop I have this evening. They are SO fabulous and I love what you have done with them, especially the cute packaging - glare and all!

S x