Thursday, 8 March 2012

This is worth thinking about...

How good will this... looking in the future?

Save The Reef… from coal | Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Live Action! A painted picture for UNESCO | Greenpeace Australia Pacific

How many more of these....

(Shen Neng 1 - grounded off Rockhampton, April 2010 - sourced here) you think we'll see if the planned new coal port goes ahead?

It's a bit scary when one of the first things you think, upon reading the above-linked article, is "Thank goodness I got to see the reef before it was completely trashed!!!".

Have you seen our Great Barrier Reef? Maybe you should make it a priority! ...and don't forget to sign the petition too.

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Jodene said...

It's scary to think what could become of it isn't it Sam. I am visiting there in May and can't wait!
We as people, really have a way of taking something beautiful and destroying it through greed and the search for more resources.