Thursday, 22 March 2012

Simple Colourful Turtles

Just a simple little card to blog today. I have been having fun playing with my Copic markers again. I find colouring very relaxing, and easy to do in front of the telly at night after I've clocked off for the day ;-). However, as with crocheting in front of the telly, I do end up missing a lot of the show, and mainly rely on hearing it (which is particularly bad in the case of Homeland, where there seem to be a lot of action sequences and meaningful glance-type communication going on).

But I digress! The card...
...and that's it from me!

Have a good one, and I hope you are warmer than me today. I am sitting here shivering.


Asha said...

Isn't he a cutie-patootie?! Thanks for sharing, Sam.

Jen W. said...

Gorgeous colouring and such a cute stamp! Love it!