Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sprinkling Some Delicious Cuppie Colour...

 ...on this wet and miserable weekend! After a week full of rain, and more rain, and some horrid cold, and a bit more rain (did I mention all the rain we've had this week? ;-)...I felt like I had to play with some beautiful bright colours at my craft desk yesterday. So I sprinkled on a liberal dose of bright cuppie colour....and adorned them with mounds of dazzling diamonds...of course!
One good thing has come of all this miserable weather though. My crochet is going great guns. Nothing beats sitting on the couch crocheting under a big warm ripple blanket, on a cold and wet day!

1 comment:

Patrice said...

Gorgeous glittery cupcakes all the gorgeous In Colours you've used and the two card variations. So OVER the rain!