Sunday, 19 February 2012

Seize the Cupcake{s}....ALL of them

A simple birthday offering I put together late last week for a friend. I did wish it could have been a more sophisticated card (going on the style you'd be forgiven for thinking she was turning about six), but I was short on time and mojo, so it had to suffice.
At least it had an abundance of dazzling diamonds (until about half came off on me)! This was a redeeming feature in my book (the abundance part, not the coming off on me part ;-). The cupcake and sentiment are from a cute set by Hero Arts.

I will post an update on my crochet ripple blanket progress soon. It is almost half finished, and I am very pleased with how it is going. I have recently purchased a few more Sublime colours too, in preparation for starting a Granny Square project as soon as the ripple is finished (and as soon as I have taught myself how to crochet a Granny Square [with Lucy's help of course]...wish me luck ;-).

I was highly amused to learn at work, after telling a male colleague I was crocheting a ripple blanket, that I was 'becoming an old lady'. LOL who knew old ladies had a monopoly on crochet?...lucky ducks!! I can't be too critical though, because I remember thinking that people who stamped and made cards were all old ladies too, back in my pre-papercraft life. Talk about being stereotypical! My own silliness makes me laugh.

Hope your weekend was filled with a ripply, rainbow of colours, whatever you were up to...

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