Thursday, 28 June 2012

Zipper Flower Brooch...

Recently one of the other mum's at school wore an amazing orange zipper flower brooch to school on her coat. I was amazed, totally! What a fabulous idea!!

So this morning while I was out and about I stopped and picked up some 26 inch YKK zippers with metal teeth and did a bit of deconstruction and reconstruction. I trimmed the ends off the zipper (to release the slider and reduce bulk). I looped and stitched one half of the zipper into four petals and with the second half I made one more petal and rolled the remainder into a flower centre (I did trim off a little because it was too long) and then stitched it all down.

I covered the back with a circle of red felt (stitched on in a rather haphazard fashion) and then stitched on the brooch pin (don't mind the mess...this is the back after all ;-)...

I know people like tutorials, but I really didn't feel like making one (sorry) I took a bit of a look online and found this one...which is pretty much what I did (except that I didn't start with the felt circle...but that's a really good idea!!).

I gave this brooch to another school mum this afternoon because she liked the original a lot, and I think it'll look really nice on her too. I'll have to make another one for me later. Note to self: BUY A THIMBLE! There are lots of layers to this brooch, and pushing that little needle through with no thimble HURT.

Still recuperating here. The face is slowly returning to normal...wish I could say the same about life in general...but that won't happen until this move is all done and dusted. Still a few weeks to go.

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Patrice said...

Sam this is totally awesome. You've done a fabulous job. Who'd have thought a plain zip could look this good!

Glad your face is coming good. Sorry that life in general isn't as much fun. Hopefully once the big move has happened you can slow down and chill for a bit.


Asha said...

This project is so cool! But I must admit, looking at it, I'm thinking OCTOPUS. I know its meant to be a flower but,hey what can I say? I see b bright red octopus! So stinkin' cute, Sam!!! I am so going to make this little fella and wear him with pride! Glad to hear you're on the mend.


Zippy said...

This is fantastic! So glad your face is getting better and hope your life settles down for you xxx

KimB said...

Hey Sam,

I've never seen a petaled one like this and think it looks totally awesome with the tooth edging! Glad to hear you face is getting better too - hope the packing is going smoothly.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Wow! Such a fab idea! Really unique! Hugs xxx