Monday, 4 June 2012

Cocoa Pod MkII

This morning, while the little man was asleep (he still is actually), I decided I'd quickly re-make the cocoa pod from yesterday (I realised late last night that the beans are the individual little do-dahs inside the pod...ooops). I have used up my last sheet of Early Expresso to make this one, and I really do think it looks better.
With the Koko Black tin there next to it, I think you can see more clearly the effect I was hoping to achieve. The cocoa pod and big leaf is on their packaging. Now it looks less like a coconut...doesn't it?
There are a few other small changes too. I lost the ribbon, It was annoying me. I hand scored and distressed the outer pod, I like it better than the distressed stripes embossing effect. I used a Craft Concepts Woodgrain embossing folder to do the Early Expresso layers on the inside of the card. I also hand scored and shaped the leaf and left off the So Swirly embossing there, it looks more leaf-like to me now. The two little Close to Cocoa ovals on the inside (used to prop up the easel) are supposed to be individual cocoa beans, from inside the pod, not choc-coated almonds!

I am very happy with the end result, and very, very happy that my leopard spots embossing folder resembles cocoa beans in a pod so well...whodathunkit?
HMmmmmmm, so it still looks a little like a coconut here. Sigh. It's the best I can do ;-).

Have a lovely day!

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Sandy said...

Oh I really like it awesome card. Yes it does look better minus the ribbon. You also changed the detail at the top its much better with the wavy edge that you have added underneath the brad. Funny how small details add so much sometimes. The leaf is better with the veins too. Sandy :)

Asha said...

Here's what I see, Sam: A couple of chocolate chip cookies and a large Pina Colada. Helloooo Summer!

Gorgeous and yummy! Thanks for sharing.

KimB said...

Its an awesome idea Sam and I love the end result. The hand scoring gives such a unique and fantastic effect. Love your leaf too - looks totally realistic to me! Your teachers will be blown away with delight (and on a chocolate high :)

Patrice said...

I really like the changes you've made. Looks exactly what you intended to me - but I'm coming in on this back to front and know the story of course - so best you don't take my word lol.