Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wanna see how you can use a whole roll of twine in one sitting?

It was very easy to achieve. One minute I had a whole roll of twine, the next minute, it was all gone...and no I didn't feed it to the kids for breakfast (but that's a great idea, thanks ;-)!

I was blog surfing at one point yesterday, when I came across this simply stunning page. Now, apparently it is written in Finnish, well at first Google Translate said the detected language was Indonesian...but I think it ended up going with Finnish. To further confuse matters, the blogger appears to live in France, at least that is what the sidebar talks about...but I dunno...maybe Google got it all wrong, because the translated version of the blog page sounded a bit stilted. Perhaps Finnish doesn't translate to English so well? At any rate, I know enough to know that I love that blog, so pretty and clean and beautiful! Such gorgeous pictures, and those twine flowers....swoon. I needed one right away!

I had to spend a little while doing deconstruction in my head. I don't own a flower loom, which I think might be the quickest and easiest thing to make these on. Instead, I die cut one of my large Nestie scalloped circles, roughly cut out the centre, and used that. I wound the twine around the circle, three times around each 'petal-pair' and finished (no pun intended) by kinda crocheting a chain stitch around the centre to hold it together (crocheting with twine is hard, it isn't very you might it is quite tricky to pull through). Are you getting the picture in your head, or am I speaking in Indo-Finnish? Once you have finished the centre crochet you can just carefully cut away the scalloped circle and pull out the pieces....and TA DAH!
Project Recipe:

Cardstock: Cherry Cobbler, Kraft and Confetti White (Stampin' Up!)
Ink: Cherry Cobbler and Sahara Sand Classic Ink (Stampin' Up)
Stamps: Curly Cute (Stampin' Up!)
Dies: Scalloped Circles (Spellbinders)
Accessories: Square Lattice Embossing Folders (Stampin' Up) and Natural Twine (Misc).

The finished card is stands 7.5 inches tall. Lucky I'm hand delivering this one.

I'm going to leave you with a picture from a little celebration we had yesterday...
It was not for any particular hubby just puts these together from time to time (pink bubbly too...I know I'm lucky :-). Yesterday, he made me laugh though with the little yellow flowers scattered over everything. As I came in, he proudly asked whether I thought it was worthy of Masterchef? LOL....I think George and Gary might say he'd gone overboard with the flowers, but who am I to ruin his fun?! The flowers are from our garden...where the broccolini has gone to flower (they are we did...all of them).

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Paula said...

Sam, you know I am going to demand a photographic tutorial on those flowers, don't you?!! They are fantabulous. You are so clever to work out how they were done.

What can I say about your Hubby - what a simply sweet man to do something like this for no reason in particular. Love the addition of the flowers!

Ange Kelly said...

I think I got the gist of what you were doing, and yes it is hard to crochet with twine (I tried it last week LOL!), but your flower has turned out AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
I checked the link and being Finnish myself, I can confirm the blog is written in Finnish;-). By a Finn living in France, renovating an old farm house... Your flowers are amazing! Like everything else you touch...

TLady said...

Your hubby's a "keeper!" :) (I know one when I see one, cause I have one too! :) )