Monday, 29 March 2010

Ooooooooh - Pretty Fabrics!

Today, I was feeling like doing something a bit different, and I was out at the shops with Mr Almost 4 and we spotted some VERY, VERY PRETTY quilting fabrics. This was the dawn of the world's most expensive library bag!

I wandered in to the shop...and was even more overcome with the prettiness! I quickly succumbed, and ended up procuring the smallest quantity of each allowable....20 cm.

The fabrics are from the My Happy Garden collection by Cloud9 Fabrics:

How gorgeous are they? The colours are pretty much exactly Baja Breeze, Soft Sky, Kiwi Kiss and Chocolate Chip! YUMMY!!

So I came home and dug out the sewing machine. Ten points for me for knowing where the darn thing was! Twenty points for the machine for starting up first go (I have owned this machine since I was a teenager and it hadn't been started up in about 4 years)! Mr Almost-three was standing watching me with boggling eyes...going 'WOW...what is that machine mum?...It goes fast'!

With much umming and ahhing on my part...and some concerted harking back to my Textile and Design class days in high school...this is what I made:

I was pretty stoked with how it turned out...EVEN if you can see the checked lining fabric from the outside (I didn't have any plain fabric to hand to line it with)...deep breaths is afterall, just a library bag! But NO...this is no ordinary library bag. This bag set me back a pretty hefty sum....I am going to be like 'WHERE is the library bag...WHERE IS THE LIBRARY BAG?'....and 'YIKES, what is that MARK on THE library bag' for the rest of my days ;-).

I hope it a very durable library bag, because as one friend pointed is going to have to last until Miss Almost 6 order for it to be a cost-effective library bag! It is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton I guess that helps. It is an environmentally friendly library bag!!

Seriously was fun to make. Every year I go see the quilting exhibition here and stand drooling over those wonderous works of art. I think I might do some more quilting soon :-).

See you!

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Karen said...

Ummmmmmmmmmm there anything YOU CAN'T DO??! Good lord woman!! This library bag is so awesome! Great job on putting it together and getting that machine to work! lol I agree, those patterns are beautiful!

Luv k

Kate Lewis said...

Sam this bag is GORGEOUS!! And worth every penny, the fabrics are beautiful, in fact.. I want one!!! OR at least a lesson on how to make one!! Great job, have a good week! Kate xx

Danielle Daws said...

This is so gorgeous! You have such a fantastic eye for fabulous colour combinations!

Anonymous said...

Laugh..gee you are a crack up Sam! I LOVE your library bag too the could anyone not buy those fabrics!!

KimB said...

Hi Sam,

I can understand why you subcumbed - the fabrics are gorgeous. I can just see Mr Almost 4's face as my Mr 2 had the same look when I pulled out my machine a couple of months back to sew on a card. You did a fantastic job :)


Debbie Pamment said...

Oh no - you're reminding me of all the quilting I have on the go - it hasn't seen the light of day for ages!

Debbie Pamment said...

Oops - forgot to say you've done a GREAT job and you're right - those fabrics are gorgeous!

Krysta said...

Hi Sam!
Love your library bag! I have been meaning to sew one for my Mr 5 since the beginning of the year... I'll have to get my sewing machine back from mum though! I lent it to her when her's broke... Mine hadn't been out since the kids were babies and I started making cot quilts for them... How long ago was that!? But, you've inspired me - like always!

Jodene said...

Well I think it was worth it as it is the prettiest library bag I have ever seen! I can see why you fell in love with the fabric. You are so clever Sam!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Sam, awesome job of the Library Bag - and such pretty fabrics. The best thing is that it is unique which makes it 'extra-special' for your DD. There are SO MANY gorgeous fabrics out there (trust me - you should see my 'stash' LOL). If you ever go to a Stitches and Craft Show, you would be in fabric heaven!

Chat Noir said...

Good Grief woman, what were you thinking??? A white library bag? They live in those school bags with forgotten fruit peel, a not-quite-dry piece of artwork, the cool thing from the playground that "You have to see Mum", not to mention hanging about on the FLOOR. Oops, by now you're hyperventilating again.... r-e-l-a-x, I'm positive its washable! Its awesome, and dont you just love the faces on offspring when they first see a sewing machine? Now my son KNOWS I'm incredible (all it took was a patch on his jeans). :-)

Karen said...

Just popped by to say HAPPY EASTER TO YOU my awesome blogging buddy!

Hope you're up to your eyeballs in chocolate and enjoy every bite! lol

Luv Karen