Monday, 1 March 2010

Beautiful Bleu Verre Lampwork...

...The lovely comments that were left on my recent beading post inspired me to make another bracelet this thank you again for your kind words ladies...I needed a bit of a push.

I recently bought some lovely new lampwork beads from Marie at Bleu Verre in my favourite colours, purple and blue. I love Marie's beads, and I have her Etsy Shop feed in my Google Reader (along with several others ;-) under a folder called Beautiful Beads. Its kind of a temptation, but a really lovely one, and I often find the colours that these lampwork bead artists use will inspire me to try new cardstock colour combinations or its a useful temptation too (yeah, yeah...this is what I keep telling myself ;-).

One of my biggest frustrations with beading is that I have stupidly small wrists at 6 1/4 inches (which I might add is significantly disproportionate to the rest of my body ;-). My wrists are so small I can touch my pinky and my thumb together around them, and to be honest I am surprised that I haven't managed to break either of them at some point along the way (touch wood)!

Having small wrists means that chunky beads don't look all that good, and generally take up too much room. I can't get a good selection into the small space I have to work with ggggrrrrrrrrrr. Even with smaller beads, like the ones above, I'd love to be able to squeeze some more focals into my work...but then I'd have to wear wrist padding to stop the bracelet sliding right off my arm. On the other hand...needing less beads does mean that the bracelets are cheaper to its all swings and round-a-bouts I, if this is the biggest thing I can find to complain about, life is pretty good...isn't it?!

Today is the first day of autumn here and the weather has turned out a perfectly fitting day for it. There is a chilly wind blowing and it is slightly overcast. I had to dig out jumpers for everyone.

Have a great one!
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Karen said...

Another Drop Dead Gorgeous Bracelet! Oh how green with envy I am! Sigh!

Luv K

Diane Barnes said...

Oooh Sam, I think this could be my favourite... so far anyway. Gorgeous work.
Hugs, Di
PS: It's cool in Sydney today too... bit of a relief really.

KimB said...

HI Sam,

it turned out gorgeous - actually I would even say spectacular. Can I add making braclets to the "tutoring" list? I'm with you 100% on the colour preference too - OK I might chuck green in there as well. It is a lovely day isn't it!

Debbie Pamment said...

If we keep telling you how wonderful your bracelet are we keep getting to see them huh - well THAT won't be tough - LOL. Another STUNNING piece of jewellery!
BTW - I have the opposite problem - always having to get bracelets made bigger!!! Unfortunately they DO go with the rest of me - LOL!!!
Going to have to google this piece of music - don't know this one!!!! LOVE your choices when I DO know them!!!

Jodene Tripp said...

I left a comment on here before but it hasn't shown up .. hmmmm
Anyway, just wanted to say that your bracelets are absolutely gorgeous. Are you planning on selling them on Etsy? I would buy one in a heartbeat!