Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More Blue Beady Bling...

I like putting pictures of my bead bracelets up here because I like looking at them. They remind me of treasure...not that I have much acquaintance with treasure but you see it in the movies, you see it on the Tower of London tour, the Edinburgh Castle tour, sparkling on Mary's head every time she goes to a gala occasion (and then ends up on the cover of Woman's Day) get a feel for what it'd be know, being around jewels....don't you?

Well, these bracelets are my jewels. I don't wear earrings...I let my ear holes close up after the birth of my first child....the one who used to think grabbing those sleeper earrings and pulling for all she was worth, was pretty funny, even funnier when mummy started shrieking in pain. I don't wear necklaces much either...something about feeling like I have a noose around my unsavoury past life maybe?

But I am partial to a little bling on my arm, it makes me fact, when you think about it, bracelets are one of the few pieces of jewellery that the wearer can actually enjoy...those and rings. I'd look pretty darn odd walking down the street gazing down at my own chest in the faint hope of getting a glimpse of my necklace...wouldn't I? As for earrings...lost cause...I ain't never gonna catch a glimpse of those babies...unless I stop near the shiny side of an escalator and peer into it shiftily...then I'd probably just get booted out of the mall.

I even go so far as to sacrifice my watch in order to wear a bracelet (something on both wrists feels a bit too busy for me). And who needs to know what time it is when they have some pretty sparkles on their wrist? The doctor will wait...won't he ;-). I go about checking my till receipts in order to see what time it is (I don't carry a mobile....I know, you're thinking what planet does this girl come from?). The whole till receipt time-telling doesn't always work though...some people have obviously never set the clocks on their tills!

But I really am getting carried away here...I just mean't to pop on here and show you two bracelets....and now you've had Sam's guide to Jewellery Psychology 101...sorry.

The lovely striped focal beads, and the turquoise spacer beads are by Avaline at imakebeads on Etsy.

Those gorgeous blue focals are by Jelveh of Jelveh Designs, also on Etsy.

Well, that's all I had to say. Best go make some dinner! Have a lovely evening.

PS. Don't forget, my blog candy finishes next Wednesday...check it out here.

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Karen said...

oooooooo Sam you know how to make a girl drool don't ya!? Both of those bracelets are gorgeous but I am very partial to the second one - think its the beautiful striking blue that grabs me!

Lovely job and you are the best blogger always make me laugh with your descriptions of things! lol

Luv K

PS - whats for dinner?

Robyn said...

Hi Sam- I am on holidays and have access to fast internet (mine at home is so slow and your site takes so long to load that I often give up!!-sorry!)Anyway just wanted to let you know how lovely your bracelets are...and I love your circle circus card too!

KimB said...

Hi Sam,

you were in a whimsical mood today ;)you made me laugh - several times! The bracelets are gorgeous - my fav the stripy one.

You do know I will never get that image of you walking down the street looking down at your chest out of my head!


Jo Eades said...

So Sam, what are you doing with all these beauties? Are we going to see an Etsy store? Or do you just make to order? *wink* I mean, you could make earrings if you wanted to, right.

Jodene said...

Okay Sam, you really have to start selling these girl! I am in LOVE with that first one!! But then I love all of the bracelets you have made.
I don't even think you need an etsy store, just post them on here and they will be gone. LOL
Your work is just beautiful.