Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Armidale Road Trip...

Just thought I'd jump on here and let you know where I was...or rather, where I've been. We've been on a whirlwind road Armidale and back, via Sydney. We went up to attend an old flatmate's wedding (George, who I recently mentioned in my post about Oscar), and it was a lovely way to spend the long weekend.

I asked around, and a few people recommended going up through Gloucester, along the Buckets Way and Thunderbolts Way to Walcha, Uralla, and thence to Armidale. Can I just say, that those road names nearly put us off (would we need a bucket for the trip? the locals drive like Thunderbolts?)...but we were assured this was the most scenic route and well worth the extra twists and turns (it is also about 40 km shorter than going up the New England Highway - or so I'm told). Unfortunately it turned out we DID need a bucket on Buckets Way...I'll leave it at that ;-). Over all though, it was a very beautiful drive and quite relaxing.

I took a few pics on the way back (the way up being a trifle frantic, and raining from time to time).

View from Carsons Lookout on Thunderbolts Way.

View of the Buckets from Gloucester.

On the way back we stayed in Sydney for a couple of nights...

A windy evening on Botany Bay.

We took the kids to visit Symbio Wildlife Park yesterday and I took some photos of us with an Olive Python...but I took them on the mobile phone (a Motorola) and I have no idea how to get them off. If you know how to do that, and could let me know I'd really appreciate your help.

I've also been doing some more beading...I've called this one Circus, because that's what I think of when I look at it!

The beads are by Sari from Gaialai on Etsy. Sari makes some beautiful shaped beads, and uses lots of lovely colours.

Well, that's it from me for now. Hope you've had a great week thus far!

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Debbie Pamment said...

Can soo see why you call this bracelet circus - suits it perfectly! Another beauty!
Glad you had a great road trip - but sorry I have no idea on taking pics off phones - only managed it once and could never do it again - LOL

susy said...

Gorgeous pics Sam, the country side is so lovely and green for this time of year. Love your bracelet so vibrant and the little bauble hanging off it just adds the right something. I really must get on and google a bead making tutorial, yours are so inspiring.
Keep well,

Karen said...

Mornin blog buddy!

I was wondering where you were..........sounds like you had a lovely time away except for the mention of a bucket! lol

Now with regards to how you get your pics off your phone - me thinks the only way is to Blue Tooth them! Open up your image on the phone and see if it has an 'options' button anywhere! If it does, see if it says 'send to' then 'via blue tooth' and it should transfer over to your computer IF your computer and phone are synched together! Thats how I do it on my phone anyways! Hope that helps you a bit chicki! If not............maybe google cause you will definitely find out that way!

Have a super day!


Corie said...

The pictures are fabulous, and I love your bracelet -- just gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! I used to live in Armidale, before we moved to New Zealand (I was 8 - my parents are both Kiwis. I just had the (mis)fortune to have been born in Australia.) :-)
Love your blog - a few of us Kiwi girls follow your work. Perhaps we'll get to meet you in Sydney in May? Bron