Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'Just Because' Beady Bracelet Blog Candy...

I've been tossing up how to run a 'just because' blog candy giveaway, where one of my lampwork bead bracelets is the candy...and if I think about it any longer I'll give here goes!

The prize will be a lampwork bead bracelet using these lampwork focal beads by Candice Matthewson of Beadgoodies on Etsy...

...combined with Sterling Silver Bali beads, Swarovski Crystal beads and Swarovski Pearl beads. The final bracelet will look something along the lines of this bracelet:

...but probably not exactly the same. I won't make the bracelet up until I know who has won, what size their wrist is and how they like to wear their bracelets (i.e. loose/tight). I think that'll solve my sizing issues. Also know now that I am no professional bracelet maker. I'll do my best, but don't be comparing it to a Pandora or any other razzle dazzle products :-).

In order to be in the running for this blog candy, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell me about your favourite holiday. It doesn't need to be long if you don't want to write much....just what/where/why. I like thinking about holiday ideas.....even if they don't eventuate.

If your commenting doesn't automatically leave your name and email, either write your name and email address in the text, or email me separately after you've commented ( with a copy of your comment (so I can work out which one is yours).

This competition is open to anyone from anywhere. I am not sure how the winner will be decided. It'll possibly be through or via paper ballot with one of the tiddlywinks doing the picking.

Entries will close at 11:00 am AEDST (Australian Eastern Daylight-Savings Time) on WEDNESDAY 31st MARCH 2010.

Thanks for your interest in my lampwork jewellery bracelets, and thank you for reading my blog.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

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Kathy K said...

Your bracelet is gorgeous and it looks professional to do such a great job!!! My favorite holiday is christmas, it's the one time all family members get together...which is what I enjoy most!!

Karen said...

ohhhhhhhhh PICK ME PICK ME!!! I would give my eye tooth for a 'Sam Bracelet'!!!!

Ok, my fave holiday is one that my kids would LOVE to do again very soon! We loved taking them to the Gold Coast to do the round of the theme Parks! Mackay is a pretty boring place, and their eyes just light up at the big cities and all the fun that theme parks bring! There's just something about seeing kids so excited that I really love!

Have a good day Sam!

Luv K

Ange Kelly said...

Sam, those beads are just soo amazing, gorgeous! At the moment (every 2nd year), we organise 'my side of the family' christmas get together at a caravan park somewhere (batemans bay, one mile beach, scarbrough beach) Love it! Beach every day!

Anonymous said...

sam, i am loving your work with the beads, i have a pandora, but i would be proud to wear one of your bracelets along side of it.

Our favourite holiday are the family ones, no matter where we go, we just get away and have fun, in fact any time away with the family can't be beaten, just as long as you are together and making memories. so remember it is not about the where and how much it is about the everlasting memories.

Sharna Russell

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam - gorgeous beads! I'd love a 'Sam' bracelet too (from one Aussie chick to another (sort of!) one!) :-) My favourite holiday would be one where my husband and I could have a break from the kids, and spend a couple of days reading, swimming and just generally chilling out (a lot like our honeymoon! :-) ) Not too long, though, or I'd start to miss my stamps.....

Diane Barnes said...

Hmmm, favourite about spending time with my favourite stamping buddy & talented bracelet maker, Sam? ;0)

Seriously though, one of my all time fave hols was when Damien & I went Canada - stunning scenery, rocky mountaineer railway, Banff, Lake Louise, Icelands Parkway trip, glaciers, Vancouver, Orca whale watching, the list goes on... & lovely people too. We've been talking about another trip there, but we'll have to see.

Hugs, Di

susy said...

Sam, what a gorgeous giveaway, your bracelets rock. We've had quite a few memorable holidays over the years both good and bad, fortunately more good than bad, but a long weekend we had in Tasmania would probably be one of the best ones. Such a beautiful spot we hope to get back to one day.

MadonnaDunn said...

oh pick me! pick me!!! I LOVE your work Sam!!!!

Favourite holiday would have been a Tasmanian B&B tour with hubby and I well before the children were even a twinkle in my eye! LOVED it so much and would go back in a heartbeat!

Alana Galagher said...

Hi Sam, I've been admiring your bracelets for awhile now - they are just gorgeous & I'd love to win one.
Last year we went on a beach camping holiday & it was so much fun. The kids spent every minute possible on the beach hunting for shells, making sandcastles, fishing, whale watching etc, etc, etc - we can't wait to go again this year!

Zarna said...

I love your bracelets!!!

I loved my honeymoon in Vanuatu, after a week I could have packed up and moved there for good! It was heaven! I loved exploring the markets and the out of the way shops, I even loved how the local police would all just pile onto the back of a ute to drive around town...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
Wow....I am the second Ange Kelly to comment! Anyway, back to the point....favourite holiday destination. For me it is not so much the place, but the company that makes a holiday memorable. Camping with the family was always a favourite. When the kids were younger, we spent many a great camping trip at Broulee meeting up with families that we had meet in previous years. Hope all is well Sam.
Still enjoying your blog and inspiration,

Leonie said...

What a cute idea for candy! You know I love your work. At the moment I am dreaming of almost this time last year when my family and I spent 16 nights in Thailand, and attended my best friends wedding! We had such a fabulous time! Sadly, those days are over now I have become a stay at home Mum, and we are getting ready to go camping in Merimbula on Monday. From five star to camping in less than 12 months! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi I love your cards and am developing a love 4 jewellery making too and I really didnt need another hobbie, lol. My favourite holiday would have to be christmas, time with family and friends and so many great photos to scrap afterwards.
samantha mcstay nz

jackie.stampster said...

I have been following your blog for some time. You have helped to enable me to purchase from your favorite bead maker. Love, love, love your bracelets.

My favorite holiday is Easter. Every year I invite my grands for an Easter egg hunt at my house. I prepare wonderful baskets full of gifts for each of them. Almost as good as Christmas. It is such a wonderful, loving time together in a time of renewal and hope for the rest of the year. After reading the rest of the entries, it appears that the word holiday means very different things in different parts of the world. lol. all are good! jackie -

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Sam - what an AMAZING prize!!!! I'm not one who usually enters for blog candy but the chance to have one of your wonderful bracelets - how can I NOT!!!!

My favourite holiday was to Phuket, Thailand.My DH and I were lucky enough to spend 4 marvellous days there - NO KIDS - about 7 years ago!!! I LOVE my kids but the chance to be a "couple" for a few days was amazing! Thailand is such a friendly and amazing place to visit - the kids loved it when we took them there too - we were lucky to be living in Singapore at the time so it was only a short trip!


Anonymous said...

Sam i love your bracelets too amongst all the wonderful paper creations you do! I would love one of your bracelets..that would be so cool!
My favourite holiday was this year up at Tokerau Beach right up the top of New one on the beach, gorgeous scenery, getting shellfish to eat for lunch, long lining for fish, reading lots of books and generally blobbing kind of holiday!

KimB said...

HI Sam,

your choice in beads as ever is just stunning - these remind me of the beach. Hmmm holidays - I can remember in the distance past before the munchkins going off for a little driving trip through little western Vic towns and ending in Hepburn Springs - where of course we had a spa and massage. Would love to do something like that again. Although visiitng NZ is high on my list too.

Thanks Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

I love your beadwork so much that I download a photo each time you post something, how fantastic to have the opportunity to actually win one!

Best holiday was a short Contiki tour of Italy/France in 1989 with my sister - wasn't expecting much, but we met some fab people from Aust and USA, incredible guide and driver all combined to make it out of this world - never laughed so much in my life.

Robyn Little

Cathy said...

Hi Sam - you are so clever!! Where do you find the time - I am impressed!!
My favourite holidays at the moment would be our Christmas present from Mum and Dad. Each year they give myself and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters and their partners and kids 2 nights in delux cabins at Nelligen. We are heading down there next weekend for this years.... It equates to 12 adults and 15 kids its great for us all to get together as we are spread out from Qld to the central coast to the south coast - My kids just love catching up with all their "big" cousins. Can't wait!!
Cathy :)

Jodene said...

How could I pass up the opportunity to win a Sam Post original work of art! Your bracelets are gorgeous.
As for my favourite holiday, I am afraid it's a bit hard to say because as a family we have never had a real holiday (only quick visits to family over east) and so my last real holiday was to Queensland when I was pregnant with my first daughter (14 years ago) how sad is that!! LOL
But we are planning our first real family holiday for next year and it will hopefully be overseas so we are VERY excited about that!

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