Wednesday, 1 October 2008


First, I want to say a huge thank you to all the ladies who made an entry for my 20K Blog Hits Celebration. I have had so much fun receiving your entries, and checking them all out. I have some wonderful new ideas to work with now too :-).

This morning I compiled all 17 entries into a mosaic in Photoshop:

I fit this to my laptop screen then took it to show hubby. He was being extra considerate this morning (I think he could tell I couldn't wait all day!!) and he agreed to do his judging straight away! The images looked much nicer IRL, than they do above...they were at higher resolution....I had to reduce this for posting here.

I did have the opportunity to see some of these beautiful entries IRL, and have even received one in the mail...(thank you so much), but I restricted hubby to the digital images to keep it a level playing field. I did not tell him who made what, and I did ask him that he disregard image and colour quality totally. He had not seen any of the cards before this morning.

I gave him the laptop and I sat with him for about 2 minutes while he had a scan, then I had to go and get the kids dressed. When I came back, about 10 minutes later, he was still checking them out. He zoomed, he scrutinised, he tilted the screen...he took it very seriously! He even went through the things he liked about various cards. He did change his mind once, it was a close call (I should have run it like Deal or No Deal...but I wanted him to take his time) the end, this was his choice:

The little flowerpot card by Robyn Clarke. Congratulations Robyn! Can have a think about what you would like from the current Stampin' Up! catalogues, to the value of AUD$20, and let me know via email:

I did not let the kids watch daddy making his choice (mean mummy), because I wanted their completely unbiased and fresh take on them. Miss 4 chose:

Jean McKenzie's beautiful creation! Miss 4 was mucking about here. Jean, if you send me your postal address there will be a little something in the mail for you.

I couldn't let everyone else have a pick, and not Mr he chose:

Kim B.'s fabulous flower (he is quite partial to a fabulous flower, my little man). Kim, there will be a little gift for you too.

I love all of the entries that I received, and am so glad that I did not decide to elect myself judge (I considered it for a microsecond). Picking just one winner out of these wonderful submissions would have been very hard work indeed!

Thanks again everyone. I hope that you enjoyed participating.
Have a great day.

PS. No, I have not made a card for my own challenge....NAUGHTY! I'll work on that ;-).


Karen said...

I had so much fun playing along sam - thanks so much for the challenge! Congrats to the lady who won - it was a BEAUTIFUL!

I have just emailed you Jeans address since she is currently away!

Karen xo

Caroline Colgan said...

Great choice Sam's husband!!
Thanks for doing this Sam - it was fun!