Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A little Cirque-inspiration

We went to see Dralion here in the ACT last night. It was my first ever Cirque du Soleil experience, and was amazing! Fantastic skill, wonderful choreography, gorgeous costumes, fabulous music, the list goes on...

So I've got cirque on the brain, and what better source of inspiration:

Oceane, goddess of water, queen of movement (my abs look a bit like hers ;-)...I WISH):

And then there is beautiful Azala, goddess of air, guardian of the sun:

But my favourite act was the single hand-balancing. This young girl balanced on one hand for AGES, and contorted herself into all sorts of shapes...she could eat dinner with her toes while lying on her belly watching telly if she felt the whim to do so. INCREDIBLE!

I hope you get to enjoy Dralion too...I can not wait until Cirque bring their next show to Canberra!

Have a lovely day,

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kareNstampZ said...

great take on an amazing show - I've managed to get to 3 different shows now & they just keep getting better & betterer