Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Surfin' Santa

My little brother has been asking me since last Christmas if I would make his Christmas cards this year. He wants twenty, and he wants to pay me to make them (isn't he a sweetie :-). Anyhoo...I've been 'crastinating and 'crastinating and 'crastinating...and finally he says to me last week...'Sam, I need 'em in 7 weeks!' Hokey Smokes! My little bro works 4 weeks on/4 weeks off and commutes between Oz and West Africa for each shift (yes he has frequent fliers!!!!!!!!). He knows people all over the world due to his work and travels, and he has advised me that he wants to put his O/S Christmas cards in the mail during his next stop here (late Oct/Early November)......HOW ORGANISED IS THAT? Rate I'm going I'll be lucky to get mine in the mail before Christmas, let alone in OCTOBER!

Anyway, last night I decided to stop the 'crastinating and get to it. I'd already ordered the stamp set that I thought he would like, and a few other bits and pieces that I fancied I'd give a whirl...and last night with a BRAND NEW SEASON OF NCIS on the telly to keep me company (YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH), and an icy cold Vanilla Coke :-)...I knuckled down and started. I did have a few fluffy fussy stuff, or bling (BOOOHOOO)..he even said no ribbon..WT? That's not on, so I just ignored that bit ;-).

I've just now finished my first attempt, and wanted to see what you thought...Mum, you especially...whaddaya reckon? Will it pass muster?

I realise I've set the bar high. Watercolouring twenty of these Surfin' Santa's will probably put an end to any desire to watercolour for at least the next 2 years...but I really like the look! Mum, who is a fabulous watercolourist herself, has also very kindly offered to sub-contract some of the watercolouring for its not as big a job as it might seem.

The cardstock colours are: Whisper White, Real Red and Old Olive. I've used Real Red, Old Olive, Blue Bayou and Creamy Caramel Classic Inks (this Santa has spent a wee bit of time in the sun...I was going to colour him Blush Blossom.....which I fancy is a more likely body colour for him given his Arctic abode..but Creamy Caramel looked better IMO).

The Old Olive layer has been Cuttlebugged (yes, and the sky is blue Sam!!), and I have stamped the sentiment on Twill Tape in Black Stazon (and I was surprised how well it came out). I've attached the Twill and 5/8" Real Red ribbon strips using Red Eyelets.

Last but not least, I purchased some Liquid Applique for Santa's beard, mo and Christmas hat trim. This stuff is FABULOUS! What a groovy look. Gotta get me some more of that :-).

So what do you reckon...will he be happy with this?

Thanks for looking,


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

ABSOLUTELY outdone yourself here!!! This card looks fantastic. You have indeed set the bar high. GORGEOUS.


SharonD said...

Hi Sam. Great card! Not at all frou frou, and the ribbon is perfect - I think your little brother will be rapt.

Karen said...





Kelly said...

Hi Sam -
Awesome card.
Just a question - where did you get the liquid applique from?? I've looked everywhere & cannot find it.
Thanks -

Sarah said...

LOVE IT! I've been wishing for a Santa set, but didn't really like that one until now. Thanks :P Another one to add to my list :)

I think your brother will love it!

Averil Lee said...

I think your brother will be MORE than happy with your design!

My daughter made Surfin' Santa cards last year, for her whole class... I ended up helping with the colouring in, and yes we were definitely over it by the end.

Debbie M said...

OMG - If he is not happy with that, tell him to make his own LOL IT is FABULOUS!!!!

Dani Fender said...


I love it! If your Bro doesn't like it you can send the 20 to me!! :) The Liquid Applique looks AMAZING!!!!

You do have your work cut out for you though with the watercolouring best of luck with it!


Danneil said...

STUNNING SAM!!!! Your watercolouring is just perfect! There is no way that your brother won't LOVE this!

Ryemilan said...

A big thank you to everyone who replied here. I really appreciate all your lovely comments.

Lil' bro has given the thumbs up to Surfin' production can start now!

Have a great weekend,

Gail Kirby said...

Hi Sam!

Ooh I have a liquid applique tip for you! You can put all the LA on first (step 1) and then set them all aside to be heatset in one go (step 2). DO NOT do this if it's at night and there's the chance of a power cut in between step 1 and step 2. There is a risk of DH coming in later and vaguely dropping a magazine or book on top of the table where the images were waiting to be heatset....I have been unable to bring myself to use LA since I ended up with sad, squashed, little snowmen which all had to be restamped and coloured - all 20 of them grr!!

Anyway your card is gorgeous and I am sure your brother will love it!


tracy said...

OMG that is so good Sam! You are totally going to be sick of making 20 of them I bet! Where on earth did you get the liquid applique? It really makes the card! I didn't like this set when I saw it but you have done an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!!! And I love your narrative ;-)

teneale Williams said...

Sam, They are GREAT....You have made me happy I brought that set now.