Friday, 22 June 2007

Brown Boo Boo

Am I the only one who spends ages on a card, even though they knew way back near the beginning they had made some tragic error, and it was never going to cut it?

I like to think of this as my brown boo boo! I knew at about step 3 that I had made a serious error in judgment regarding the colours. When I looked, all I saw was brown. Reminds me of high school uniforms (ours was chocolate brown). I still really like the design of this card, but the colours...VERDICT: unsalvageable! But for some odd reason I could not stop. Rather than put the bits in the scrap box, where they would have been more use...I ploughed on, even made a few more dubious calls on the way.

I am not going to go into the details because you can see for yourself. It is BROWN - well Chocolate Chip if you wish to split hairs. And, that is all you need, lots of it ;-).

Have a lovely day! Hope it isn't brown.

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