Saturday, 16 June 2007

Google Reader

Reading through Jo Eades' awesome blog recently I discovered a link to Google Reader. Now most of you are probably Google Reader pros, or something, but I've never even heard about it before let alone seen it in action! It is an AWESOME tool. You can link in all the blogs you want to catch up on regularly, and it will tell you when there are new posts on those blogs. In addition you can tag various posts in the different blogs and keep record of things you want to go back to, ie cards, colours or anything of interest.

As an example, I have made tags of cards that I think are beautiful, and made this tag public, and linked it to this blog. Now you can click on the 'read more' on the LHS of this blog, under Other People's Beautiful Cards, and see what you think! I have done the same for Groovy Colours and Techniques. It may not be so interesting to you, but for is BLISS. I keep seeing things and thinking, Oooohhhhhh, must try and make a card in that colour combo, then I forget where I saw it, and it's gone...poof! NOW, I can find them all again....just like that (snapping my fingers in the air just doesn't cut it online, does it?).

WAKEUP! Hope you didn't fall asleep! The lovely people at Google are NOT paying me to con you all into using their is just really cool.

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