Friday, 29 April 2011

Thumper's Tribute to the Royal Couple...

May your days be filled with lots of milk and happiness, and may you both look as good in a shiny paper crown as I do!

Is it cruel to dress up your 12 week old baby in a shiny paper crown?

(Blogged to: The Royal Wedding Coverage).


Paula said...

Oh my!! What a cutie!! Wills and Kate would be thrilled to have such a fan, and delighted to look half as good on their big day!! 3 months old already?!! How did THAT happen :-)

Karen said...

OMG!! Sam this cracked me up! I can't believe he's 12 weeks old already! Seriously that time has flown!

Have fun packing up house too. Not long till you sail away! lol


Debbie Pamment said...

Ooooh Sam this is just tooooooo cute!!!! No it's NOT cruel - he looks happy to be a part of it all! And LURVE your new profile pic - toooo cool!