Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It was one of those 'my pants are falling down' days...

Not today....this was last week, but I'm only just catching up on a few things

Early last week, in the middle of the night, while BFing Thumper in a stuporous state, I remembered that it was the last week my kids would spend in school with their current teachers this year, so I needed to get my act together and make five thank you cards (two class teachers each, and one for the piano teacher), and find some gifts! SUPER….my sleep after that was really restful..NOT!

So the next morning after school drop off for Miss 7, I hightailed it to Pepe's Paperie to search out some papery gifts for them (I'd done a quick online search in the middle of the night….and thought they'd have something appropriate).

I walked around the shop in a total state of confusion….

Issue 1: I did not have enough change to put in the parking meter, and it didn't seem to register the 5 cent coins I was feeding in, so I only had 12 minutes to shop…FINE.

Issue 2: I had Thumper in our old Baby Bjorn (which hurts my back at the best of times), and he was desperately trying to go to sleep and crying outrageously while doing it…GREAT, I can do this!

Issue 3: Master 5 was asking me a ZILLION questions about why this, why that, how this, how that, where this, where that…SUPER, this is hard but surely not impossible?!

Issue 4: MY PANTS WERE FALLING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! I've lost about 10 kgs since pre-pregnancy and I'd forgotten that those particular pants were now dangerously loose (while I was charging around trying to get ready to get out of the house on time that morning)…AWESOME…this is seriously distracting me.

Issue 5: I was tired, I am tired, It feels like I will always be tired….WHAT WAS I SAYING?

Anyhoo, I finally managed to find some gifts (approximately 10 minutes after entering the shop), then tried to pay and the credit card machine came back with a FATAL ERROR!!!!! WT? WHY ME? WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? After some technical do-hickey-business behind the counter they had it all sorted and I was on my way. I caught a small break that day, because I did not get a parking fine!

I got in the car….unwound my head through 360 degrees, and drove off. Mission complete...

Here is a pic of the gifts I picked up:

They got a small notebook and a magnetic organiser thingumy (for their fridge) each. The individual sections of the organiser thingumy are perforated so they can be removed when required. These useful gifts were received with much I was very happy!

I could barely organise my way out of my paperbag last week...let alone design and make five teacher thank you I resorted to a CASE. The card I chose was in my Google Reader as part of the Papertrey Ink April Release Countdown and is this beauty by Melissa Bickford. Thanks for the help Melissa!

Here are my cards (almost identical to Melissa's...but not quite):

List of Ingredients:

Cardstock: Pumpkin Pie and Whisper White (SU)
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black (Tsukineko)
Stamps: Flower Fusion #1 (PTI) and Think Big Favorites 2 (PTI)
Accessories: Flower Fusion #1 and #2 Dies, Beautiful Blooms II # 3 Die Collection (PTI), Scallop Edge Punch (SU),  Summer Sunrise Topnotch Twill Ribbon, 2008 & 2009 Bitty Dot Basics Paper (PTI), Basic Pearl Jewels (SU), Dimensionals (SU), Sticky Strip (SU) and Scrapbook Adhesive MyStik (Scrapbook Boutique).

This is the first time I have ever used my sewing machine on any of my cards...and I am WAY pleased with how it turned out. It was so easy to do too! A very pleasant surprise....I thought it'd be really tricksy and messy.

On another note...yesterday I went shopping for a new baby carrier, and came home with the AWESOME Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier. It has an adjustable ergonomic waist belt and shoulder straps for 'optimal weight distribution and pressure point relief'. I walked down to our local shops and back (a 2 km round trip) with Thumper in the carrier yesterday…and it didn't hurt a bit (and he was so comfy he went to sleep - after getting all his burps out by himself, just by virtue of being upright)…talk about pressure point relief! Yeah for Baby Bjorn!! It wasn't cheap, but David Jones was having a special, so it was a bit cheaper than normal, and worth every penny in my opinion.

Seeeeeee ya later alligatas :o)
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Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, me thinks you may need a nanny lol, seriously, i am glad you got thru the day, the sleep thing - does it get any better, Harry is 4 and I can't see an end ha ha ha. your cards are lovely, and I love the stitching too, you did a great job! Congrats on your pants falling down (if that makes sense) its great to get rid of baby weight isn't it? have a great Easter :)

KimB said...

Gorgeous cards Sam - so bright and happy! especially given your falling down pants story ;) I love the stitching - now the question is do you take the sewing machine on the boat - joking!!
Kim xxx

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh you poor thing Sam - talk about stress to the max. I'm sure you felt like your head would burst, but I am so glad for your sake that you didn't get a parking fine. I got one a little while ago - $66! I parked in a "permit only" parking spot and the sign was hidden by a gum tree branch which was why I didn't see it - until I was looking around madly for a sign to figure out why I got the fine. My own fault - but sheesh - $66 - eeeek!!

Glad you were able to get what you needed in time, and oh the cards - they look totally AWESOME!! Great stitching - but you know that now you will have to take your sewing machine on the boat....... :-)

MadonnaDunn said...

Oh dear me! You poor bugger! I'd have ended that trip in tears or aborted mission all together! Well done on keeping it all together. Love those cards too, so bright and cheery!

Paula said...

Your cards are beautiful Sam, as are the gifts. I am so happy your pants didn't fall down and you didn't get a parking ticket!! You are super Woman - I would have given up before I even started!!

Tennille said...

Gorgeous cards Sam! Can I ask how much your Thumper weighs? I am planning on buying a Baby Bjorn when I have my second bub due in November.
What a super mum story by the way, loved reading it!

Patrice said...

You're priceless, I think I'd have aborted the mission too. Your cards are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Sam, you rock! I think all mothers have been there at least once or twice... but your telling of the tale is priceless! Hope you get some sleep soon, chick - and your cards are beautiful. How can you make such gorgeous things when you're so tired? Truly, Super Woman!