Thursday, 21 April 2011

Holy Hot Tamales with Chilli Tomato Salsa Batman!

Got some oh so pretty lampwork baubles to show you today. This gorgeous set of 'Salsa' beads was made by the very talented Laura of Chestnut Ridge Designs on Etsy (the picture below is also Laura's...thanks Laura :o):

I love the colour combinations that Laura uses, and her groovy shapes and designs. So vibrant and beautiful!

I have made Laura's beads into a bracelet and earring set:

I need to go get my ears re-pierced at some point, so I can wear the earrings. Maybe once Thumper is a bit bigger though. That's why I let the holes close over in the first place...too many little sticky hands trying to rip my earrings out...OUCH!!

I am really scraping the bottom of my Sterling Silver collection at the moment. I should restock while the dollar is looking so healthy, but it is a bit pointless with us about to go maybe another time (beads NOT being something I am considering taking on Lucey Blue....LOL, can you imagine hundreds of little crystal beads rolling about after a wave had knocked them all off the table...UGH!).

This set will be an especially appropriate one to wear around Christmas time dontcha think?! Particularly when it will be summer in Australia. Let's hope the summer of 2011/2012 is a real one though, as opposed to the pretend one that has just passed.

Hasta luego chicas!
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Laura Critchfield said...

Thanks Sam for making something so wonderful from my little beads- you have a fabulous sense of design! I love to read you bolg- always so interesting and colorful! Laura

Patrice said...

What gorgeous stunning beautiful beads. You're too clever, love what you made them into!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Wow - what scrumptious beads - so deliciously bright and summery. Love what you made Sam!

Good idea NOT to take the beads LOL - but then again, maybe if you had a pillow slip, you could make your jewellery inside the pillowslip - then at least the little bits won't fall on the floor. I don't envy your packing of your craft stuff.....

tooznie said...

swoon. pretty beads!!

Anonymous said...

Looooove those beads! What beautiful colours!