Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Search called off...

You can all rest easy now :-). My birthday card from Kim has been found safe and sound, and it was nothing to do with my young treasure hunters either. I'd gone and stashed it in my Copic marker box after our craft session on Saturday night (so it'd be safe on the way home, of course)....and promptly forgotten all about it. Blush...

So, with a good bit more care than yesterday...I went out and captured the following shots:

Hasn't she done a beautiful usual?! I love the colour combo she has used, and the textures too. Lovely! Thanks so much Kim.

I received a Gift certificate for Papertrey Ink from my brother, for my birthday too...and I've just placed an order which includes the Bookprint Impression Plate. I love, love it! I also love the new Basic Pearls from Stampin' Up! They look so pretty....might have to invest in some of them before too much longer.

This morning I also went about re-mounting the dunked card from yesterday. I figured if I didn't get on to it poste haste...I'd probably end up ditching it for lack of interest.

So there you have it. All's well that ends well!

As you were ;-)

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KimB said...

Glad you found it Sam :)

PS: I love "my" watermark


Karen Rogers said...

Fabulous card & Happy Birthday - looks like it was sunny at least :)