Monday, 30 July 2007

More lucky door prizes etc.

I love seeing lots of pretty little matching packages lined up! These are the doovers I gave out as Hostess Gifts and Lucky Door prizes on the weekend. Lucky door prizes are so much fun. I usually ask catalogue questions, like how many frogs are there shown on page xx of the IBC? Or how many colour names start with the letter P? Then everyone goes furiously flicking through the catties. It is my favourite bit of the workshop. Does this make me a bad demo ;-).

The tall package at the back is a cardstock sampler, with 5 sheets of A4 cardstock cut to different sizes for layering. The one in the middle at the front is a ribbon sampler, with four different colours of Grosgrain (50 cm long). The card on the left is the Hostess thank you (which I have shown on my blog previously), and the doover on the far right is a sponge sample.


Robyn said...

Just wanted to let you know I think all of these are just gorgeous.

Sarah said...

What fantastic ideas! And they are so cute!