Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My mosaic mural

Okay, so this is not about cardmaking or is mosaic tiling, and it is a little project I started on Christmas day. I used to have this wall in the backyard that I was tiling. I am no pro at this...I just collected scraps of broken plates, and old tiles and wacked them up with some tile adhesive. Anyway, I had this really nice spot, and then we decided to extend the house, so my beautiful wall was knocked over. I have a photo of what I'd done...but I might not go looking for it, I don't want to compare this current job to it, and be disappointed.

Anyway, on Christmas day I decided that it was time to suck it up and start again. I was going great guns until today, I asked hubby (who was busy hacking breather holes in the back deck he made) what he thought of my creation so far (why do I keep hitting my head on that hard brick wall?). He was pretty unexcited. His comments to me indicated that he couldn't even tell what it was...what's that all about? I asked my 3.5 year old, and she could see the sun, the two butterflies, and four it really that obscure?

There is lots to be done here. It is nowhere near finished. I will be infilling the spaces and doing whatever else comes to mind as I go along. There is no real plan, I just use the colours and shapes as I get to them. I won't grout it until the very end.

As an aside...I went down to Bunnings today to buy some tiles (I haven't been throwing so many plates at the walls these days, so my supply of smashed crockery is at an all-time low ;-), and I half filled up a little hand-basket with a bunch of tiles, in a myriad of colours. I was thinking that because they were all the same price, it wouldn't be a problem. WRONG, no es correcto, nuh-uh! Each colour had its own code, and the poor girl on the tile desk had to come back with me and write them all down for me to take to the cash register...Oooops! The girl on the register then had to fat finger in the 7 digit code and quantity for each of the 15 different colours I had selected (can you guess how many unhappy faces were in the queue behind me by the time she was done. COME ON! Get a life people!! Its Christmas :-). I really hate that uncomfortable hot feeling you get when you know 8 pairs of eyes are focussed on the back of your head and thinking ill thoughts...KWIM?

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my mural. Thanks for looking.

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Di Mancino said...

I love your tiling and you have given me a good laugh this morning, especially about asking your husband what he thinks! I do the same and get similar answers yet I still ask him, why? Love your tiling anyway. I made a house number with tiles and it was so much fun. Thanks for the laugh this morning Di/uk