Saturday, 8 December 2007

Glue Globs....a photo tutorial on what they are, and their removal :-)

You may think I am having you on here...but this is SERIOUS business, and a topic which I recently commissioned myself to research thoroughly. The thesis/dissertation is on its way (don't go holding your breath), but I have made such an important breakthrough that I though I would share it here with you, in the form of my FIRST EVER BLOG TUTORIAL! ZOWIE CAVEY!!!!!! I bet you are excited.


I bet you are asking yourself...What is a GLUE GLOB? Ask me something hard!! (if you are not asking yourself this, why are you reading this post?).

They are a small, parasitic GLOB of SNAIL adhesive (AKA GLUE) which accumulates on the edge of either the upper or lower tape surface on my (and possibly your...) beloved SNAIL adhesive dispenser.

I find their presence very frustrating and worrisome, as when I use my SNAIL adhesive dispenser to make projects, the GLUE tends to adhere preferentially to the GLOB, rather than attaching to my project. I have called this phenomenon Preferential GLOBing, and it results in an increasingly large GLUE GLOB on the dispenser, and only a partial line of GLUE on my project...and significantly reduces the GLUEing capabilities of said GLUE....IMO.

DO NOT DESPAIR :-). There is a solution, and it does not involve nasty smelling shampoo! Take a thin sharp object. I personally prefer a pair of scissors, Teflon coated scissors are jolly excellent for this job as you will find the GLUE GLOB disengages from these with ease!

If you can't find your Teflon coated scissors, like me, any old pair of scissors will do.

Manipulating the scissors with the precision and care you would employ to cut a fine embellishment for your card front, poke at the GLUE GLOB with the pointy end! Eventually it will all come out of there.

And, surprisingly...that is all there is to it! You will find your SNAIL dispenser GLUE GLOB-free, and ready to roll.

I personally recommend you check for GLUE GLOBS at frequent intervals, you can never be to cautious. These are horrid little things, wasting away your precious GLUE, and decreasing the sticking-together capability of your beautiful handmade projects.

If you have any questions or comments on today's tutorial please don't hesitate to contact me.


gail54 said...

LOL! You are too funny :-) Extra hint - I find a fingernail also works well as I can usually never find my teflon coated scissors....or any scissors for that matter.

Thank you for saving us all from the dreaded glue glob virus *g*


~* Tracy *~ said...

hehe I am having such a good giggle! I looooooooooooooove your firstest ever tutorial so now you will have to do more and more and more!
We will have to start a campaign to "Banish the Glue Globs"!!!!!!

Marelle Taylor said...

LOL Sam. Thanks for the laugh... I call them SNAIL Boogers, and I hate them too!

Juliann said...

Very funny! We call those snail boogers, yucky huh?

Sarah said...

HA! I call them globs too and I use my paper piercer to get rid of them.

Maybe you should go into the tutorial selling business! :)

Ryemilan said...

SNAIL BOOGERS! That's Excellent!! That's what I'm gonna call them now. Thanks. It describes them exactly :-).

Rebecca Ross said...

That's awesome Sam! I will have to put something like that on my blog or in my newsletter soon - I am forever fixing up "broken" SNAILs for my customers for this exact reason. (Either that or the fact that they are empty!)