Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My second crochet project...

I know it is odd to be starting a second crochet project now, when I haven't finished the first, but my ripple blanket has become something of a gargantuan creation. It requires a small team of removalists and several traffic diversions to be in place in order to transport it from room to room.

Crochet project number two is small and portable, and can be taken with me to school pick-up, appointments etc...anywhere I think I might have a few minutes to wait. So far it consists of Granny Squares in just four delicious colours...
I am using Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK - in Corallo (the beautiful pink), Giallo Medio (the lovely golden yellow), Splash (the pretty blue) and Waterlily (the snowy white). I picked up these lovely yarns from Deramores online.

I have never made Granny Squares before, so I had to find a pattern that was very easy to understand. The first place I looked was Lucy's Attic 24 and I wasn't disappointed. Check out Lucy's beautiful Summer Garden Granny Squares here. Now please don't rate the quality of Lucy's pattern using the neatness of my Granny Squares as a gauge. My first Granny Squares are a appearance. They are much fiddlier than ripples (IMO) and I felt like I had four thumbs while I was making them. I am sure I'll get the hang of them eventually ;-).
Anyhoo, I'm off to bed. I'm exhausted! I spent four hours today sitting through a training session. My brain shut down at the end of the third hour. The old attention span has seriously diminished post-kids, and I was also getting a numb bottom!

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Paula said...

I had to laugh at your description of the size of your ripple blankie!! I can just imagine how big it must be by now. I thought at the time, it was rather a large project to start as your first attempt!
Your granny squares are lovely and colourful. I am looking forward to seeing this one completed ♥

Patrice said...

You'll have the hang of these granny squares in no time believe me! They look pretty good as it is so I'm not sure where the improvement will be.

Love the colours you've chosen to work with.

Love that you blogged this to Bennie and the Jets - awesome song.

Anonymous said...

you may find it easier, and, imho, a better look, to just join the squares together in the chain stitches between the clusters .... instead of joining each square completely side by side

:-) lovely blog xx Hevz

Sam said...

Hi Hevz....I am afraid that I am a bit crochet challenged, and have no idea what you mean. But I'll research joining squares and see what I can work out!

Thanks for your comment.