Friday, 4 May 2012

Another Sailor Boy Collage...

This is another project that I finished off recently. It is a gift for a friend at work who has just become a first-time dad. This collage is much smaller than my first Sailor Boy collage. The Corban and Blair box-frame for this one measures 25.5 cm x 20.5 cm (with a mat that takes a 5' x 7' image). My first Sailor Boy Collage was in a mat that took an 8' x 10' image.

I decided not to ink the edges of any of the pieces for this one, relying instead on just the textures and shapes to make an impact. I have been using Sticky Strip and X-Press It High Tack double-sided tapes for these projects, in the hope that these collages will stay together for a while. Fingers crossed!
 Well, the sun is out and it 'looks' beautiful outside, but it is a cool 15 degrees out there (or a bit less probably) looks can be deceiving.

My little man is having a well-earned snooze so I have taken the opportunity to brew myself a cup of Rooibos-Vanilla tea. This is a little treat that I picked up from adoretea in Woden earlier this week. Rooibos is YUMMY! I also tried the Rooibos-Raspberry and Vanilla.....double YUMMMMMmmmmmmY, and I have Rooibos-Caramel sitting here ready to be explored next.

You can try these teas in little sachets that do two cups, and only cost 95 cents. This is good, because they have so many delicious sounding flavours of tea at adoretea that you'll be wanting to try them all! I also picked up a funky little silicon and stainless steel infuser while I was it is all-systems-go tea central here. Far out...I sound like an infomercial. Sorry. No one is paying me to tout adoretea. I just like 'em lots!

ETA: HMMMmmmm, upon closer inspection, it appears that adoretea is a local, Canberra-based company. COOL!!.....literally ;-)

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Rose said...

So cute, Sam! And I also love Rooibas tea, too. Wish I could try some of that adore tea. Will have to look them up to see I it's available here :). Have a great weekend!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Wow Sam - your project is AWESOME!! I am sure the recipient will love it.

The tea sounds really nice - I shall have to look out for them.


Patrice said...

Fabulous gift idea, you've done a wonderful job with this. I'm sure it's going to be much loved by the recipient.

Hmmmm not being a tea drinker I have no idea of Rooibos. Glad you're enjoying it though :)