Monday, 3 May 2010

Long time no post...again!

I know, you've heard it all before...suffice to say I am a slack blogger! We have a wee project underfoot here, and it is taking up pretty much all of our time (it even has its own blog...and I've been spending a fair amount of time there....even hubby is in on that gig, and he has never blogged a day in his life).

I do want to thank and apologise to all of those wonderful blogging buddies who commented on my last post, and to whom I have not responded. Also, big thanks to Jocelyn and Karen for the blog awards too. I am very honoured to have received these!

I have had very little crafting time here...but have managed to get a few projects done over time. Here is another lampwork bracelet that I recently made. These magnificent glass focal beads are also by Sari of Gaialai on Etsy - love them to bits Sari!

The beads remind me of fabulous pieces of smooth marble encrusted with pods of turquoise (not that that would happen in real life). I studied Geology at uni so rocks and gems are never very far from my mind...even though I am not involved in anything remotely geological any more. The large blue crystal charm is a Swarovski Cosmic crystal in a very groovy blue called Indicolite...which happens to match the focal beads perfectly. If I'd had some more, smaller ones I would have used them as spacers too.

I've also been doing a bit of cake making....this one was a custom order for Miss just-turned-six!

It is straight from the Woman's Weekly kids party cake book...but I had to downsize and cut it out freehand because I didn't need a cake for seven thousand (their cakes are ginormous...and I always end up throwing some out because we just can't finish them). Master about-to-turn-four has put in an order for a Tiger. Hope that one is as easy as this one was!

Last, but not least, I was moved to try my hand at quilting again. I bought a simple quilt kit from my local quilting store, addictedtofabric and gave it a go. It looks very nice on the front, but is a bit wrinkly on the back (so I won't show you that side ;-)...

FYI: The focal panel, with the individual print frames is a single piece of quilting skills do not stretch to that level just yet ;-).

Anyway, I hope you will forgive my blog neglect. I've also had a bit on my mind of late. I have decided to give up being a Stampin' Up! demo. I was not very happy about the changes introduced in the IDA last year, and finally decided that it was best if I quit. I miss it, but think it was the best thing to do for me.

Hope you are all well, and enjoying some Autumn sun! :-)

(Blogged to: Love Generation - Bob Sinclair and Gary Pine and School's Out - Alice Cooper).

PS. I also mean't to show you a pic of the bracelet that I made for Susy for her blog candy win:

It ended up almost exactly the same as mine...I still love how it reminds me of the surf.


Karen said...

Hey gorgeous friend!!!

So glad to see you blog again - was wondering where you were!

Just love what you've been up to though - your cake and quilting are awesome!!!!

And as for the bracelets.......well you know I'm a huge fan and love those as well!

Luv K

Rachel Jackson said...

Sam is there anything you can't do. Stunning.
Good to see you blogging again.

Debbie Pamment said...

You know where we are when you feel like blogging - and trust me - it's always a pleasure to pop in and see what amazing things you've been up too!!! Love the eye candy you have for us today - and the variety too!

susy said...

Sam I missed your blogging (sniff) I can't actaully point fingers at the moment because my blog is even more neglected :-)I love what you have been doing, such a clever chickie. And I adore my bracelet. get so many comments when I wear it.
Have a great day.

Chat Noir said...

Hi Sam,

love the beads you use, especially the ones you used in Susy's bracelet. Glad you're back online, however infrequently. Its not like you haven't been doing anything else by the look of things!

Jodene said...

My goodness girl, you are so multi-talented! The cake looks fantastic, the bracelets are stunning (as always!) and that quilt is divine!

Kate Lewis said...

Wow, Sam is there no end to your talents!! All your projects are so beautiful!! I left SU last year because of the IDA, even though I've missed being part of the SU family I feel more 'free' in my stamping and it's opened new doors - good luck! Kate x

Gail Kirby said...

Hey Sam!

I wondered if you had stopped being a demo when I didn't see you at convention (which was awesome - convention I mean, not you not being there *g*). Glad we can still stay in touch via the blogs and I LOVE your "surf" bracelet....I still think you should set up an etsy shop and sell these :-)

X Gail

Anonymous said...

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