Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Catch the sun if you can...

We are moving into Winter at a rapid rate of knots down here in the southern hemisphere. So every little drop of sunshine counts. When these fabulous lampwork glass bells arrived recently...I knew straight away what I wanted to make with them:

(This photo, and header photo, courtesy of Sari at Gaialai on Etsy).

These absolutely stunning, amazingly beautiful works of art are by Sari from Gaialai on Etsy. Sari calls these Ethnic Bells. I can only imagine the patience and skill that it takes to make these beauties!

As I said, I knew straight away what I wanted to make...a sun catcher!

I have used eye pins and joined several together (don't look too closely at my winding...it is pretty wonky...I think I needed to use finer pins), along with small Swarovski crystal bicones, 12 mm Swarovski cosmic and graphic beads (also in Crystal) and some sterling silver round beads.

I have hung the cosmic beads inside the bells and if there are gale force winds the beads and bells will chime (I tried unsuccessfully to make it chime more readily...maybe if I hang more Swarovskis inside the bells)...but otherwise, in the sun it casts beautiful moving spots of rainbow light in all directions. I tried it this morning in the kitchen and it looked beautiful.

Have a lovely day!

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susy said...

My goodness, you are a clever little vegemite. Love this, so unique, may have to be doing some shopping real soon :-)
Oh and the bracelet looks a great length too, thanks.

Gaialai - Sari Glassman said...

Sam - It is a FAB idea!!! I love it! We are going into spring and with the wind days here in spring, it will sound and look great!
Thanks a lot!!!

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW - what a GREAT way to use these beautiful bell shaped beads!

Chat Noir said...

Sam this is truly beautiful and I'll bet it sounds just fine. After all, if it chimed too readily it would probably annoy someone (speaking from experience!!), and this way its a private indulgence too.

Karen said...

Nothing short of GORGEOUS SAM!! Just love it!


KimB said...

HI Sam,

what a lovely idea. Looks great hanging out on the tree but given our winterish chill the kitchen would be a real nice place sit to sit and admire your handy work.


Kylie said...

Oh, WOW Sam, Your sun catcher is GORGEOUS, the colours are so stunning!
AWESOME work Sam!

Take Care,
Kylie X

SigalitAlacalai said...

what a lovely idea! Sari is a great artist, and I am happy to see her bells hanging like that at the other side of the world.

Lily said...

Hi, This is amazing!!!These Ethnic bells are adorable and Sari is a great artist. I LOVE both of your creative products.

LuxuryJewelry said...

Sari is a great artist, The Ethnic bells are gorgeous and you created an amazing sun catcher!


schickimickis said...

Beautiful idea, looks absolutely lovely!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh Sam - this is soooo beautiful! *Love* the colours and I bet it looks even more awesome IRL.

limitz said...

Sari is an amazing artist! I have earrings from her collection AND a pendant and I get so much attention when I wear them! beautiful!!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi again Sam :-)
When you have a moment, pls stop by my Blog - I have an award to pass onto you.

Karen Rogers said...

Sam your work always inspires me (& your photography AMAZING) - just wish I had more time to be inspired - I've nominated your blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award & would be honoured if you collect it from http://www.karenstampz.co.nz/2010/05/blushing-me-here.html