Monday, 6 July 2009

Chocolates from Kim!

Saturday night was my friend (and new downline) Kim's first workshop as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and she invited me along to join in the fun. She did a wonderful job, and it was very relaxing not to be the one in the 'hot' seat for an evening ;-).

I just wanted to show you the lovely thank you card and gift that Kim gave me on the night:

Aren't they STUNNING? The chocolates were originally in a cello bag inside the fold out pack on the right. I simply adore the card. Kim made a similar one with different colours a little while back, and you can check it out on her blog here. It is such a groovy idea. Kim has used one of the tree patterns from Funky Trees to create the dots on the flower, and they are all embossed mind you. The faux ric-rac flower stem that she has created using the scallop border punch is so pretty. Kim's attention to detail is second to none. Thanks so much Kim!! (PS. The chocolates WERE very yummy ;-).

Also, while we were all outside yesterday, catching a few weak rays of sunshine, my daughter and I decided to check on some of our little carrots. We pulled up a few and were very pleased to see that they looked good. A little crooked and wonky, but carroty-looking nonetheless!

As my daughter pulled one carrot up she exclaimed...'LOOK MUM! It's a carrot with Dancing-Legs!!'...I laughed:

It IS a carrot with dancing legs!! I love how they come up with such apt and descriptive names for things.

We don't know why our carrots grow in these crazy shapes. If you have any words of wisdom on the carrot growing industry, we'd love to hear from you :-).

Have a lovely start to your week! I am going to hang some washing up and get a little cake out of the oven now.


Zarna said...

i could be wrong but i think carrots don't like much fertiliser and will quite often grow "dancing legs" to avoid a particularly fertile piece of dirt (like a lump of cow poo etc).
Don't take my word for it though i am the worlds worst gardener...

Lorena said...

I don't have much wisdom on the carrot side, but I'll tell you something: they look real! And that's always a good thing, not to say that not everyone gets to eat carrots with dancing legs ;)
Hugs from Uruguay!

Karen said...

Hey there Sam! What a gorgeous gift from Kim - and I can imagine how nice it would have been to not be in the hot seat.......bliss!!!

Hey your carrots look cool by the way - who cares if they have legs! Get the kids to name them........dinner time will never have been so fun! lol

Luv K

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 on My SCS Gallery said...

Hi Sam, I grew up on a farm where Dad grew all our own vegies. We had rich, volcanic (red) soil and we used to laugh at the weird shaped carrots he grew. Carrots grow better in "poor" or "slightly improverished" soil rather than "rich" soil, ie: if you added lots of compost, manure, organic matter, dynamic lifter, fertiliser - stuff you would usually add to make your vegies grow better, this will cause carrots to fork in all directions. Also, crowded seedlings won't grow properly causing twisted roots - make sure you thin them out very well when they are around 10 cm high & leave space around of about 5 cm. Carrots also like a deep (about 30 cms)of friable, ie: loose soil. Rocks or pebbles or old roots will also make carrots fork because they have to grow around them. Excessive watering can also cause roots to crack.
Hope this helps!

Chat Noir said...

Hi Sam, you've got to love a blog that starts out with chocolates and ends up with advice suitable for a gardening column in the local paper!! My grandfather would totally agree with the poor soil requirement for growing carrots, but I'll bet they tasted great just the same.

lots of love

Jean said...

Hi Sam, I bet these carrots tasted far nicer than the ones you buy! Yum!! Yes I agree with the other comments, the carrots tend to fork when you have added too much fertiliser such as cow manure Less fertile soil makes the carrots send their root down - hence the better shape!

Cheers, Jean

Lana said...

Hi Sam :) Been way too long, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to comment on your yummy looking carrots! Have to agree with everyone else, carrots do best after hungry crops. And I think you might have left them in too long, and they started their secondary rooting. That is definitely what happened with mine because I couldn't bear to pull them up!
Your cards, as always are amazing! I really should check in more often :D