Friday, 10 April 2009

Beautiful Moon...

No cards...but check out the full moon that has just risen above Fadden Hills in the Tuggeranong Valley!

I could see all sorts of topography on the moon with the 300 mm lens, but you can't see it in these shots :-(. It was so beautiful.

While I was outside doing this, Mr almost-3 got into my camera bag and has put his lovely little finger prints on the glass at BOTH ends of TWO lenses (he even removed the filters). I just about had a heart attack! Guess who will be visiting a camera store tomorrow for lens cleaning fluid and cloths...UGH.

Going off to howl for a while now ;-).


Kate Lewis said...

What stunning shots Sam, sorry about your lens, I'd howl about that too! Have a lovely Easter! Kate x

Jen said...

Lovely photos. I have a Mr. almost 3 myself and he is quite crafty at getting my lenses dirty as well. Good luck at the camera store. :D

Karen said...

Hi Sam - what gorgeous photos! What sort of camera do you have? Your photos are ALWAYS so nice and clear!