Saturday, 1 November 2008

Basically, it's black!

There are two reasons for this card:

1/ I have Stampin' Up!'s Rub-Ons on my mind, I love them :-)...

2/ I recently purchased a Macro Lens for my camera, and now I want to play with it....LOTS.

SO, if you start seeing close-up photos of bits of fluff and stuff, you'll know why ;-).

For now, I am amusing myself with close-ups of my cards. I made this very simple card this afternoon, in order to have something to take snaps of:

This first shot is also taken with the macro lens, but standing way back from the card. This task was not as easy as it sounds, today there is a force 10 (...a teensie exaggeration) gale blowing across the place, so my card kept taking off into the garden. I eventually managed to get this shot on top of the washing machine. The focus is a little soft, but ok.

Then for a close-up:

I found a little corner of the yard where the card was a bit sheltered and got this snap. So now you KNOW I'm using textured basic black on the upper layer! The rub-ons are from the 'A Perfect Day' set (in the current Spring Mini catalogue), and the centre of the flower has a black eyelet in it (and you can see one of the dimensionals in the centre of the eyelet). That pretty much covers this card...let's just call it minimalist :-).

Thanks for looking in on me. I'll try and make something serious and worth your time to visit for tomorrow. Please forgive me for dragging you here under false pretences.

Ciao bellas!


tracy said...

lol how dare you belittle that card! It isn't its fault that it is a they say, nothing says overstated like an understated card (oh all right....I made that up but it sounds great doesnt it? ha!) love it by the way ;)

Kristie said...

I love it too! There's nothing more elegant than black and white.
Hope you have fun with your new lense...maybe some close up flower shots would be nice...I'd like to see them anyway :)

Robyn said...

(its) (its') LOL - It's never a waste of time coming to your blog Sam!- Always something fun or gorgeous to see !