Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sydney Regionals 2007 - Swap Card

I know that the blog value of this post is questionable, and it may even be considered a bit of a spolier, as the Sydney Regionals are not until next Saturday (17th November), but I'm putting it up here anyway because:

a) not many potential recipients look at my blog,
b) this will give those few who do look, the chance to decide whether they like my swap or not, and if they don't - duck for cover if they see me coming their way on Saturday, and last but not least,
c) I just felt like it :-).

As you can see I went for the all blue version of the card, and am pleased with it (although completely over it after having made 24 of them). I am in the process of making another 24 cards (it'll be a late night tonight) but in a different design. I'll post a picture of those next weekend (so now you won't know whether to run in the opposite direction or never know, the other swap may be be simply FABULOUS ;-).

1 comment:

Jo said...

Sam, you are such a dag. I was SO disappointed to find out late last week that you weren't coming to the Melbourne Regionals (I've been sick and obviously out of the loop, lol), I was so looking forward to meeting you in person. Hopefully we'll finally catch up the Convention next year!