Monday, 22 October 2012

Feeling some déjà vu?

You have seen this one before! At least, something a lot like it. I made a second card using that design, made a few small changes et voilà! I like it just as much the second time around.....all bright and sunshine-y :-).....which is in no way meant to upset those of you who are suffering through rain and cold (and I know there are a few of you out there). Fingers crossed your skies clear soon!

I have used Boys Party and BBD5 stamps, Shapes 1 and Borders 1 Cuts by Design and Light Blue Hemp Twine......all off which are by Annabelle Stamps. The yummy cardstock is all Bazzill Card Shoppe which I bought from Willow Paperie.

This card was delivered via camel with a l'il something included too...

....the earrings, not the sherry glass. Just a little bit more bright, sunshine-y-ness, in case the card wasn't enough ;-)!

At the risk of really upsetting those of you who are cold and wet, I am going to include one little pic that makes me smile (and FYI....Thumper was cold and wet too, even though it was 39 degrees C!).

Well, it has been a loooooong day. Miss 8 had a big bike stack on the weekend, and in addition to a chipped tooth and multiple grazes on her chin/face/hips, an xray of her jaw shows a possible small crack/fracture. There is no movement on the crack though, in fact it does not appear to go right the way through so for now we are eating only mushy foods with as little chewing as possible...and avoiding all collisions too! Wish us luck.

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Karen said...

And they're ALLLLLLLL MINE! lol

I LOVE them Sam. I just have to watch that maddy doesn't steal my earrings from me! Lol

Luv K

Liam said...

Love those earrings and the matching card. Love the photo of your child in the water. Such fantastic photography. You must do beautiful scrapbook pages.


Patrice said...

Oh poor little Miss E! I hope she's healing quickly and that possible fracture isn't more serious than it sounds.

Thumper looks just too cute - love how bright the blue and yellow is. Will make for a great page one day soon *smile*.

Love this card, it too is vibrant and bright and matches the earrings gift perfectly.