Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The long road to nowhere...

We had a wedding to attend in Sydney last weekend. It was hubby's sister's it was a big deal. We packed our 15 bags, dismantled the kitchen sink, loaded the camels, stowed six weeks rations and commenced the trek to Sydney on Friday. It was a long weekend in Canberra, so we didn't even try to pack light (HAHAHA....AS IF!).

Upon arrival Mister Almost Five's bad cough/cold....which he'd had for almost two weeks already, and which we thought was finally clearing up, got much, much worse. He coughed so much on Friday night he vomited, he had a fever, and he barely slept a wink (ditto the rest of us). We decided to take him to see a Doctor on Saturday...because we were worried he may have Whooping Cough. He has been immunised, and he didn't have a 'whoop' but apparently those are not deal breakers when it comes to the big WC.

With the young Thumper on the scene, and not yet immunised for WC...we started getting worried. Not to mention all the people we would be potentially exposing at the wedding. We got a test done on Saturday, but the results weren't due back for we decided that Mister Almost Five, Thumper and Myself would miss the wedding...with me keeping my two boys as far apart as humanly possible (not far enough IMO).

Anyway...long story short (bit late for that now you say!!?), we don't have WC (THANK GOODNESS), but we missed the wedding anyway.... :-(. It was still a nasty cold (and chest infection), but the antibiotics are helping enormously.

I did also manage to make a card. It is not your usual wedding-type card (and not what I had originally planned either)...but I was very pleased with the way it turned out:

I'll have to come back and list the ingredients later. Thumper is currently trying to chew my boob off and I'm anxious not to be his first foray into solids AND...OH JOY! He has also filled his nappy, and if the sound effects are anything to go by, it is a DOOZY.

ETA - Here is the Ingredients List:

Cardstock: Elegant Eggplant Textured (SU), Soft Sky (SU) and Shimmer White (misc)
Ink: Elegant Eggplant and Pumpkin Pie Classic Inks (SU)
Stamps: Heart Prints (PTI) and Enjoy the Ride (PTI)
Accessories: Haikou DSP (SU), White Gel Pen (misc), paper piercer (misc), Royal Velvet Twill (PTI), Mat Stack 4 Die (PTI), Linen and Canvas Impression Plate (PTI), mini glue dots (misc), Dimensionals (SU) and Tombow Mono (Penwa).

I am going to leave you with this last little pic of Thumper chilling. At least we got to enjoy the wedding flowers...

And before anyone has a coronary...the large, mostly empty, foil bladder near the flowers is water NOT Chardonnay (although I may have been wishing I could indulge in some of the later over the course of the weekend ;-).


Paula said...

With my heart full of sympathy, I think I have finished laughing!! Oh dear, Sam!! You poor thing. I am relieved it wasn't WC for your sake, and your wee boys, of course. What a shame you missed the wedding, but the card you made for it is LOVELY!!!

Melissa said...

Far too funny, would love to have seen the camel ha ha ha, a gorgeous piccie of thumper and glad everyone is okay especially your two boys. Oops - nearly forgot - great card too :)

Karen said...

Good lord Sam - what a weekend you had!!! Thank goodness your little boy is ok though - coughing so much till you vomit is NOT fun!

Love the litte photo of Thumper too - he's adorable!


MadonnaDunn said...

Oh your thumper is GORGEOUS!! What flowers? What bladder? That child took centre stage! (on side note, using the empty water bladder half blown up is an awesome toy under their feet! we use it for Lara!). So glad not the whooping cough for all your sakes and that Mister 5 is feeling a bit better. I actually really love the card too! (but post a baby picture and I forget what kind of blog i'm following! ;-) ) xo

Debbie Pamment said...

Oh you oooor things - all that trouble and you missed the wedding! Hope you managed to enjoy some of your time away!!!!
What an adorable photo of your little man though - sooooo cute!!!!
Do I believe that silver bladder was just water - hmmmmm - the jury is still out - LOL.
And your card is just gorgeous! the colours are just FAB!

KimB said...

Love the faux stitched frame Sam, and the swirly hearts. Totally bummer that you missed the wedding!! Hope the boys get better soon. Had to laugh at the pack up story - so familiar!!

Patrice said...

Lol you write the best posts. The packing up and preparation sounds super familiar and I don't even have a litte Thumper!

Sorry to hear R was so sick and had you all so worried - and that you missed the wedding. Very glad to hear not the nasty WC. Absolutely adorable pic of Thumper. Am I allowed to brag here that I've already had a little cuddle :o) I can tell all you ladies that he smells soooo sweet and beautiful!

Love that wedding card, it is different as you say, but it's a stand out!

Anthonette said...

The card is gorgeous! Oh the adventures of traveling with sick little ones. You poor dears; that's too bad you had to miss the wedding, but glad you didn't have WC.

andrea said...

I'm only now just catching up!! Congratulations!! What fantastic, exciting news!
Take care!!

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